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Sophia Sophia Sep 21, 2012 11:45AM
Wow. Ok guys I just finished reading this book, and I wanted to know what everyone thinks! :)

The characters didn’t seem relatable or even likable in the beginning. Tiger Lily especially, she just seemed like a character that needed to be pitied, her qualities of nature weren’t that redeeming though. As I got more into the book it was more enjoyable. The characters became less stiff, but not by much, and the story was able to explain and progress more. I did like how the different ‘well known’ events were incorporated and how they were integrated. It was nice for a one time read.

Not a huge fan of this book.. I couldn't feel any connection to the characters and the POV from Tink's eyes was a little weird.. especially with all her regurgitating and spitting on people... For all the emotional events that occurred in this book, I don't remember feeling much of anything or having any hope or sympathy for the characters...

On a lighter note, I can appreciate the world building.. The Neverland created in this book was dark and dangerous ~ and the fact that Anderson was able to incorporate memorable aspects of our favorite childhood story with a realistic and dark twist... clever.. :)

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I really liked this book.When I was finishing the book up I felt like a was going to cry.I say that because of the note Peter left for Tiger Lily.

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I really liked this book. I read it so long ago that I can only remember few parts.
In particular: I liked that the characters (both Tink and TL) were "tough" ladies. Tink wasn't some "dainty" fairy, she was portrayed as a wild creature! Finally! I was getting so tired of that whole "fairy princess" persona that's so popular now.
I liked the character build of TL because it gave the character motivation. The relationship between Peter and TL was great because it shows how fickle and flippant teenage boys can be (which everyone can relate to).
Their romance was sweet, too.
The realities of the characters made them more real to me than just a "childrens story". Sometimes I had a hard time with Barrie's version (when I was younger) because I wanted the characters to be darker and provided with more personal history. This was a nice change all around.
And true to aboriginal culture, which was awesome.

I loved this book! I loved that it wasnt the perfect hapily ever after.. I was gettting sick of reading book after book of something so perfect and not real!

I love that this book had a first love that didnt work out but they both still moved on!
I loved that things were not said or expressed like I was screaming for them to do.. beacuse thats real things like that happen in relationships.. people cant always express and understand whats going with each other!!

What does everyone think about the letter at the end?
My first thought was tiger Lily cant read.. and she didnt share it with anybody.. so even tho he wrote
i dont think she even knows that it says!

loved it!!!!!

I really like it when sad things happen in books. I think it makes the characters more relateable when you can see the hard times they are going through and you realize you are not alone. But, I also liked the good times that tiger lily and peter pan shared. I really enjoyed this book.

I really loved this book. I like the realism of a darker Neverland, and I thought Peter as a character was fantastic. I loved learning more about Neverland and Tink as a narrator pleased me - although I wished to hear more about fairies from her. Tiger Lily herself was a great character as well. I don't have to relate to a character to like them, but I found Tiger Lily appealing because she seemed like a real person and I didn't feel like the author was pandering to the reader. Overall I thought is was an amazingly beautiful love story that reminds us that there isn't always a happy ending, and if there is, it may not be the one we hoped for.

It was good but a little slower paced than I am used to reading.

I liked it. Touched by it. Although your right, Peter Pan is supposed to fly(that what was he was known for right?)

But still, I'm a fan of this book. Loved it. The miserable feeling of rejection and left behind for something or someone new. For once, at least I was able to read a character who felt unrequited love. A new air that I'm willing to breathe in. Love triangle that ends happily are too predictable already.

Recently finished reading this. I think I'll just refer you to my review: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/...

I will admit I liked the book BUT I was kind of disappointed. I was so excited when I got this book and the author did a wonderful job creating a new Neverland. My problem was the characters. I do like the not happily ever after, different from most books/movies. And I kind of agree with Haley, why take away Peter Pan's flying ability. That's like his "signature" I know the author was trying to shake things up from the childhood tale but I think that's one attribute I would have left.

I liked it until Peter Pan left. I didn't like how it was different then the movie and I really didn't like the ending because then it's too different then the movie.

I was not a huge fam of this book. I love stories that I grew up with and the story of Peter Pan is one of them, but this didnt help me reenter that world I used to love it merely disrupted the ideas I developed about the real story. I dont like my fairytale beign messed with :)

this was one of the most saddest books ive read.

I wrote a review on my blog if interested, I gave it 3 stars. http://youngadultbookmadness.wordpres...

I loved this book so much more then I thought I would! Half way through I almost wanted to stop because my heart was breaking for Tiger Lily. I'm so glad I pushed through though because the ending was not nearly as sad as I thought it would be.

Kanchi Chandwani but I read books to achieve the happy ending and love story that I will never achieve
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Sophia I see.... ^.^
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I think it was so amazing! I enjoyed reading this a lot and cried at the end. I think all the characters were great! I felt like I was living in that villages and going to see Pan and the lost boys with Tiger Lily! Jodi Lynn Anderson is a wonderful writer and I hope to read more of her work soon :)

I thought this book was beautifully melancholy... and to all those people complaining about how it wasn't like the Peter Pan movie yah I had a deprived childhood so all I really knew is that he flew around, took the kids, and defeated a pirate with a croc, a ticking clock, and Tinkerbell... I guess having a connection to the original story matters. :)

Not to be totally negative but I really did not like this book and struggled to get through out. I found the characters difficult to relate to, or even like especially with tigerlily.

Well the first thing I thought was, "what kind of a Peter Pan doesn't fly?" I didn't like it too much. I didn't like any of the characters.

I was intrigued because it's a story based on a story that we all know. For me, I wasn't so in love with the Peter Pan tale that the changes upset me. I liked the spin that Wendy was such a goody goody; it brought some reality to the perfect-Wendy image I had always pictured in my head. I liked it if for no other reason than it reminded me that all stories have two sides.

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