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Should J.K. Rowling write the eighth book in the harry potter series?

Why did you ask the same question 5 times? Will this not dilute the discussion? Polite suggestion delete the four threads which are the least used to bring everyone onto one thread?

NO! Enough is enough. She should do something different. These never ending series are a pain in the rear end. I have stopped buying them.

I think people have to know when to leave well alone, like the writers of House needed to cut it off before they had to get rid of all the core characters.

Actually I think if anything she should do stories that follow either James, Remus, Sirius, and Peter Pettigrew when they were children at Hogwarts. That or more of the back story of Voldemort. As several people already said with Voldemort gone Harry's story has essentially been finished.

No. It ended decisively and IMHO she should not change that. Those books are normally to get as much out of the cash-cow as they can and I think J.K Rowling would not do that. As Frenchie pointed out the (ahem cough) magic would be gone.

If you want novel about Harry's children, try James Potter series by G.Norman Lippert http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25... it is diffrent kind of writing, but it is good and I realy like the way he put the last Rowling's chapter into his books, so it makes sense but is totally unexpected ;)

CJ Don't read them, they undermine canonical rules established by the original series. ...more
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I think fanfiction has written it for her.
Besides, she left the series with a good ending, and what would it be about now Voldy us dead?

No, that is it. I do not think she could even do it. After all, Voldemort is dead. Unless she somehow resurrects him, but for me, the magic (excuse the pun) would be gone.

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no,it was a good ending no need for one more book.

No. But she should definitely start a new series about wizards like CC did with Infernal Devices.

I think a prequel series that ended The Night of Voldemort's attack on the Potter's (ala Star Wars Prequels) would be an interesting read...as long as I knew they were the same kind of quality story I would read them...many many would.

No, when it comes to stories, I believe all good things must come to an end.

I'm sick of seeing people write fan fiction about the kids i would love for J.K Rowling to right another one

No I think it had a good solid ending that should not be messed up. She should right anouther novel about Harry's children. But we can only hope.

deleted user I'd want to see something about the Marauders to be honest. ...more
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