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message 1: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (stephieja) | 59 comments Do you perfer paper books or ebooks?

message 2: by A.C. (new)

A.C. Warneke (forsakened) | 45 comments yes....
I love the feel of paper books, of holding it and turning the pages and being able to go back a few pages to see the connections being made that come together at the end. But I love the ease of ebooks, of having tons of books available.

Generally I buy traditionally published books in paperback and a lot of self-pubbed/ indie-pubbed books on my kindle, mainly because of the cost. Since the price for a traditional pubbed book is the same I would rather have a hard copy; I have also found a lot of really good indie authors.

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (stephieja) | 59 comments Most of the sales of my books is ebooks, but I personally prefer paperbooks. I love to read in the tuband I'm terrified that if I take my Kindle in the tub I'll drop it and it'll be destroyed!

message 4: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 21 comments I love ebooks, though they have sped up the rate that I read a ridiculous amount.
Also, I love that they are available whenever/wherever I want. I'm all about the instant gratification. It's "hm I want that" to "ok I have it now" in seconds!

message 5: by Lisa Anne (new)

Lisa Anne (lisamessegee) | 120 comments eBooks! Once I got my Kindle I never looked back! I can take it anywhere, read discreetly, and keep my entire library on it. And it lays flat for hands-free reading.

message 6: by Beckie (new)

Beckie (chikittie) | 31 comments I prefer paperback or hardcopy. I do read e-books but as well.

message 7: by Violeta (new)

Violeta (elemenestra) | 5 comments Well I personally prefer paperbacks there is this unexplainable magic about the feel of paper and ink under your fingertips, the smell of an old book that hasn't been open for awhile, to think about how many other people have held it in their hands and read it and what they have thought about it how they felt it. Nothing can replace that!But I appreciate the pluses of ebooks also because you can read whatever you like you dont have to wait for a certain book to be released in your country or to wait for it to be delivered and also they are a lot cheaper and since I started reading ebooks on my computer I have read ridiculous amount of books sometimes a book per day. Of course when I have money I buy books and I always have a paperback book in my bag wherever I go.
PS. I don't have a kindle or any other e-reader /yet/ but I doubt I will stop buying paperback books even if I have :D

message 8: by Laëtitia (new)

Laëtitia (frenchyangel) Paper books! 200% sure !

message 9: by Tracey (new)

Tracey (tralo29) Definatly paper books. my bookshelf is my treasure.

message 10: by Tracey (new)

Tracey (track) i can read a short story on the kindle app, but a proper book is a necessity for a full book.

message 11: by Lisa264544 (new)

Lisa264544 | 46 comments Ebooks on Kindle hands down. I like to be able to read one-handed without losing my place and to change the font size for easier reading. I could never go back to paper.

message 12: by Kelleigh (new)

Kelleigh (goodreadscomsunshine2047) Ebooks on Kindle - I'm with Lisa264544!

message 13: by Missyb (new)

Missyb | 493 comments I always thought it would be paper books for me, but after reading a few books on my Nook I found I much rather read it in e-format then the paper form. It took me some time to get to that point, maybe 8 or 9 books, but now I try to avoid a paper book. I like the freedom of not having to hold the pages. The one thing I miss is that I would often look ahead in the book and with my Nook I don't do that. I think refering back to something or looking forward in a book is harder with the Nook.

message 14: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (stephieja) | 59 comments You're not upposed to look ahead anyway, Missy! That's cheating! LOL! (I do it, too) ;-)

message 15: by Leesa (new)

Leesa (leesalogic) I like them both. My attitude is: Words. Get in mah brain now.

message 16: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (stephieja) | 59 comments I don't mind eBooks. Like I said, most of my book sales omes from eBooks (That's probably true for most authors these days).Plus ebooks are, by far, heaper than their hard copy siblings. But to me an ebook an't oompare to the feel of a real book, or that new papre and ink smell! Weird, I know, but true.

message 17: by PepperP0t (new)

PepperP0t  | 534 comments no doubt e-books.

message 18: by Sandy (new)

Sandy | 449 comments I read both. If I can get it from the library or the used book store than I read it in paper. But there are a lot of indie authors I've discovered that are only available in ebook so having a kindle has made me read things I never would have read otherwise.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

paper books. i really dislike ebook

message 20: by Tanvi (new)

Tanvi | 2 comments prefer paper book but otherwise whichever form i can gt it in.

message 21: by Danie (new)

Danie (heyydanie) You know, I really used to say paper, but now that I have the Kindle Fire HD, I'm thinking ebooks. I read a lot faster with them and it's easier to carry.

Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) (mlpmombookreviewer) | 839 comments I definitely read more on my Kindle. Whether that be my normal Kindle, my Fire or my phone. I love the convenience of being able to take it with me anywhere and have access to literally, thousands of books at one time and in less than 60 seconds (if I choose to buy a new one right then and there).

message 23: by Steelwhisper (new)

Steelwhisper | 140 comments I prefer paper books.

message 24: by Desiree M ~*~*~ (new)

Desiree M ~*~*~ LiveReadCollect (livereadcollect) | 119 comments I prefer paper books. I love the feel and the smell of books and I miss that with ebooks. Plus I like to collect certain books (series books or books by certain authors) and I like to be able to look and see those books on my book shelves. Which can't do with ebooks.

I don't think I can sell ebooks either, although I've never checked, there are some books that I'll buy and read a year (sometimes more) later and I find out I don't like it and I'll bring the paper book to a used book store and get either money back or a store credit.

message 25: by Manya (new)

Manya Spain Becker (monstermanya) | 3 comments Well I love real books... but with the risk of turning my house into a library my husband got me the nook 2 years ago and the kindle 3G/wifi last year. I download most of my books now and love how easy it is to do. I read a lot, like 2 to 4 books a week. The e-readers just make more sense for me without turning my entire house into a mini library.

message 26: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (wildearthgoddess) | 1 comments Two years ago I would have said paper books hands down! Now I just love my ereader, I find it easier to holder and easier on the eyes as well. And as @Manya pointed out it helps my house from becoming a mini library lol I only keep the books by the authors I absolutely love. Otherwise they are all ebooks ;)

message 27: by ☯Gracie☯ (new)

☯Gracie☯ (gracie101) | 2 comments Paper Books im oldfashioned :)

message 28: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (sasichickett) | 7 comments I prefer paper books.

message 29: by Sheri (new)

Sheri Emm wrote: "I usually try the ebook first. If I fall in love with the story, then I buy the paperback. There is something sentimental about having all of the books that changed me sitting on a shelf."

I do the same thing. If I find books on sale for super cheap I'll buy the paperback, but otherwise I go for ebooks. If I love it so much I know I'll want to read it again, then I'll buy a hard copy.

message 30: by Jacquie (new)

Jacquie (jacquierogers) | 5 comments It took me about 15 minutes to become totally addicted to my Kindle. I have a K3 and a K-Fire, too. I prefer the K3 in the daytime and the Fire (backlit) at night. The coolest thing is that when my eyes get tired, I no longer have to stop reading--simply enlarge the font and keep reading on. :) All my reading is on the Kindle now.

message 31: by Rose♥ (new)

Rose♥ | 1 comments Paperback books<3

message 32: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (mima118) | 1 comments PAPER!! I love to see my babies lined up nice and neat on the shelf. Matter of fact the deciding factor on the house I bought was because it had space for my books. I have a front room that is all windows (I think in 1901 it was a porch of some sort) and when I walked in I could totally picture a gigantic book shelf and a lazy boy recliner in it. I was like SOLD!

message 33: by Jason (new)

Jason Craft (vigroco) | 14 comments Nook and ebooks all the way for me. E-ink is so much better than reading on paper. Plus, I don't have to work out uncomfortable positions when reading a larger book.

message 34: by ☺~Tina~☺ (new)

☺~Tina~☺ (tina007) | 43 comments E-books.

message 35: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (stephieja) | 59 comments Loving the answers!

message 36: by James (new)

James Crawford | 4 comments I almost hate to say this, being an e-pub author, but I truly prefer books to e-readers. I don't feel the comfort and warmth of paper from a plastic or metal chassis.

message 37: by Becca (new)

Becca Elwood (icyfenrir) | 1 comments I like both formats. I like the feel of a paper book but the ebooks are very convenient. I live in an area that to my horror, has no book store. Nothing is more fun that wandering through a book store finding new books, but ebooks let me get samples and get them whenever I want so long as there's wifi somewhere! :)

message 38: by Susie M. (new)

Susie M.  Hanley | 13 comments This is such a hard question! I recently fell head over heels in love with ebooks, especially now that I can read them on my phone. I finished college not too long ago and learned to really appreciate the "find" feature when studying and it evolved itself into my fun reading. I also love how easy it is to mark notes, highlight things or even share the book with friends without having to hand them the actual copy. I also love it because it saves room on my bookshelves for the books I REALLY love. I had considered myself a convert until very recently. Two things happened simultaneously, that may have changed my mind again.

1. I was fortunate enough to get to go to a signing by E.L. James, only I didn't own any of her books, I'd read them in E-format. I had to go buy a copy for her to sign and as she signed it, I found myself wishing she was signing the copy I'd actually read... Somehow it would have meant so much more to me...

2. My own Urban Fantasy book just launched and a lot of friends and family ordered autographed copies. After spending a few hours signing each one and giving it a personal message, I have to say that I could not have done that with e-book editions and it was an experience I will never forget. As much as I think e-books are the future, I don't think paper books will every go away. In fact, I think in the future, all books will come out in e-format and then we will have to make a point to buy a paper copy if we want one. (kind of the inverse of how it is now)

message 39: by Crazy4more (new)

Crazy4more (lan-ni) | 2925 comments I have a Kindle but found myself going back to books. There's something physically connected, to flip back to the cover, to see the pages going from pg 1 to the end, no matter how big it was.

message 40: by Acacia (new)

Acacia Green (acaciagreen) | 7 comments Paperbooks - you can drop them on tiles/in the bath, and it doesn't matter (too much).

Plus I love the texture of paper, but I do have a kindle because I can get free books on it.

message 41: by R. (new)

R. Tezak | 1 comments E books, though I do miss paper books,and the texture of the covers. E-books are just easier to manage. :)

message 42: by Valkiery (new)

Valkiery | 2 comments I go back and forth with them! The EBooks are great for space, saving trees, and it's a bit easier to get comfy with and not have to roll with each changing of a page. But there is some thing about an actual book that just feels right. Especially the pocket sized little papers back ones, though I have discovered that I also love hard covers too this year. They are easier to share with friends and family. The books are also great because you don't have to plug them in. lol. They both have the same weaknesses (fire, water, etc.). So Both have pluses and minuses that pretty much even them selves out for me. :)

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) Definitely paper books.

message 44: by Lisa264544 (last edited Sep 28, 2012 02:34AM) (new)

Lisa264544 | 46 comments Jason wrote: "Nook and ebooks all the way for me. E-ink is so much better than reading on paper. Plus, I don't have to work out uncomfortable positions when reading a larger book."

Totally agree! I think spending so much time looking at a computer at work, my eyes get worse by the day. So, being able to increase the font on an ebook is fast becoming a necessity. I picked up a paperback book the other day and my first thought was: no way could I read that print for any length of time.

So, there is no going back for me. Plus I am completely spoiled by having all of my books in my purse, at my fingertips no matter where I am. A-ma-zing! :)

PS Another perk: put my Kindle in a one pound ziplock baggie and read to my hearts content while enjoying a relaxing bubble bath. Don't have to worry about wet hands or steam damaging my paper book. Very cool!

message 45: by Amra (new)

Amra Alihodzic | 4 comments PAPER BOOKS ... smell, feeling ....

message 46: by Emily Anne (new)

Emily Anne (campanella) | 3 comments I only buy ebooks of books that I don't even like that much. Paper books are for the ones that I want the full experience with. You cannot get that from an ebook.

message 47: by Heather (new)

Heather Fleener (heatherfleener) I thought I would always stick with paper, but I find myself buying more and more on my eReader. It is just so easy to instantly have a book in hand if you find yourself craving a good read and so easy to take as many books as you like, anywhere.

message 48: by Erica (new)

Erica (ssserica) | 15 comments unless its a reference type book or something I will read more then once I like e-books. I feel like with an e-book its a quicker read because I don't have to lug the book around. and unless I really need to see it on paper for learning or to hand note highlight etc I pick e-books. all books that are just novels to read for fun I prefer e-books hands down.

message 49: by Jason (new)

Jason Craft (vigroco) | 14 comments Lisa264544 wrote: "Another perk: put my Kindle in a one pound ziplock baggie and read to my hearts content while enjoying a relaxing bubble bath. Don't have to worry about wet hands or steam damaging my paper book. Very cool!"

Pretty ingenious idea right here.

message 50: by Cj (new)

Cj W (cjonthecorner) | 1 comments You know, I had always been against ebooks, because there is something I coveted, about having the book in my hand, turning the pages, smelling it. (Yes, I said smelling it)

.. But, I've changed that. I've found that, since I no longer live that close to a Library, an ebook would be an AMAZING thing.

And the books, from what I've seen, are cheaper, and it holds a TON of them, and is lighter and less bulky than actual books, for when I on the road or something.
I do however, think that I would buy ebook editions AND paper editions, if I really liked the book.

Because there's something about books.

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