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Finish Line 2009! > As Many as I (Andalee) Can Get Through in a Year (or, Realistically, How Many I Can Get Through by May 22)

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message 2: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) 2. The Adoration of Jenna Fox
I really liked it. It raised some interesting questions, and I loved Allys.

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Darg (dargret) 3.Flipped
One of the best he said-she said stories I've ever read.

message 4: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) 4. The Breakup Bible
So, my sister checked this book out of the library, and it looked interesting, and I read it before I finished any of the other books I'm currently slogging through.

message 6: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) 6.Avatars, Book One So This Is How It Ends
Actually an okay book, if you get far enough into it.

message 7: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) forgot to mention this one earlier...
7. Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

message 8: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) and, silly me, forgot this one too...
8. Just Listen

message 9: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) dang it, forgot this one too...
9. Parties & Potions

message 10: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) geez, I forgot another...
10. Lock and Key

message 11: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) Another I read a while back...
11. Palace of Mirrors
I didn't like it all that much.

message 12: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) 12. Welcome to the Ark
Finished this last night. It was okay...

message 13: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) forgot this too
13. Forever Princess

message 14: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) Finished this mere hours ago.
14. When Lightning Strikes

message 15: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) 15. So Yesterday
Ohmygod I loved this book.

message 16: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) 16. (so I'm way ahead of the average, so what?) Graceling

message 17: by Aprile (new)

Aprile (aprileb) You are doing great!

message 18: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) Thanks... I go through books pretty quickly, as you can see.

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message 22: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) No, not as of yet, but I will as soon as Uglies comes into the library...

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Darg (dargret) forgot to mention this earlier...

23. The Sword Thief

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Darg (dargret) 25. Safe House

Halfway there! and its only March!

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Darg (dargret) Read this a while back, but forgot to mention it...
29. The Demigod Files

message 33: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) 30. Every Soul A Star
Nice book. Followed the same-ish pattern as the rest of Wendy Mass's books. BUT IT WAS STILL REALLY GOOD!

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message 41: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) 38. Peeps

message 43: by Darg (new)

message 44: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) 41. Sanctuary

message 45: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) 42. Missing You
In addition to being number 42 on this list, Missing You is the 100th book on my Goodreads account!

message 46: by Darg (new)

Darg (dargret) Yeah, Peeps was awesome!

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Darg (dargret) 45. Be More Chill
5 more!

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