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The Winds Of Winter release date?

I would think 2014 is a good estimate. He's mentioned that the HBO series has been a fairly good motivator in terms of wanting/needing to resolve the plot before the seasons catch up to him.

Hopefully, the show stays on the air long enough to get him through the two remaining books.

I remember watching a video of him, or reading in his blog( don't know, I just know 100% sure that it was him that said this ).
He said that he WANTED to AT LEAST finish TWoW BEFORE the serie catches up.

So haft of 3rd book -> 2013
other haft of 3rd book -> 2014
4th book -> 2015
5th book -> 2016
( if they don't divide the books again )
so yes, I'm guessing 6th book will be 2015\2016 and 7th book 2020... I guess...

Patrick Honestly, I don't think there's enough material that would make for good television to last two season between Feast and Dance. At best, they could sh ...more
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Is anyone else worried about GRRM dieing with the series unfinished. I mean, hes getting up there and he doesn’t look to healthy. And lets not forget about the excesses of fame and Hollywood. I hope he doesn’t pull a Jordan and die on us...

Just read something at Scifiwire.com saying Martin has 100 pages complete and won't start working on WoW until January as he's busy with DoD book tours.

Cally That was for January 2012. I would hope he is further on than that now!
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Has GRRM indicated whether Winds of Winter and Dream of Spring the last two books of the series?

Sounds a bit like Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time in that case with the author potentially dying before his masterpiece is completed. I hope in this case he leaves lots of notes for the person following rather than leave it up to their interpretation. Love the books but can wait to ensure quality rather than quantity which is what I believe GRRM thinks too.

ASOIAF is a great series, the best for a while, but the longer he takes the less interested I am. There's too many other read-worthy books out there to spend time re-reading to remember what was happening and who's who, etc. I'll still read Winds when it comes out, but the more time it takes the more time I'll have forJoe Abercrombie, Steve Erikson and James S.A. Corey (ironic).

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i think it'll have to be this year (2013) in order to give himself enough time to finish a dream of spring or the last book will only have 1 to 2 years to be finished which i highly doubt.

release season 3 2013 a storm of swords part 1
making season 4 2013
release season 4 2014 a storm of swords part 2
making season 5 2014
release season 5 2015 a feast for crows
making season 6 2015
release season 6 2016 a dance with dragons
making season 7 2016
release season 7 2017 winds of winter
making season 8 2017
release season 8 2018 dream of spring

by this release schedule he will only have 4 years left to finish winds of winter and a dream of spring.

though i recon they can probably join a feast for crows and a dance with dragons together since they both happen at the same time and alot of affc is boring so they could probably edit it down heaps.

theres only so much camera time they can give to gilly and sam heading to old town & the queen plotting *yawn*

2014?????? i'm trying hard not to get hopes up incase that changes but, who cares, thats not too long away I was imagining like 6 years!!!!!!!!!!

Those dates are always speculative. Dance had a tentative date change several times. GRRM takes as long as it takes.

At his current production level, it's possible that the show will outpace the books.

I did hear that it will not be finished until 2015.. which im seriously hoping is not true.. I just can't wait that long to find out whats going on. The suspense is killing me. And yes I am very worried that GRRM will die before the series is finished. I know it's kind of horrible to say that but I can't picture anyone else trying to finish this series if he can't. That would be awful.

I heard him say something (can't remember the exact words) that implied that he wasn't sure that he could finish (the series) before the TV show catches up.

I work at a library and the winds of winter is in the system on order so it will be out in the next couple of months!!!

The problem isn't that Martin is famous now, or that he has other projects he works on (he always did), or even that he's old. The problem is he's a makes-it-up-as-he-goes kind of author, and he can only produce when the creative muse is upon him. He has always been a slow writer, one who has long dry spells when he's blocked.

Combine that with the absurd number of characters and sub-plots he has let get of hand, and Martin has set himself an almost impossible task; a slow, improvisational writer has 2-3 more massive books to write which have to resolve perhaps the most tangled and sprawling plot in the history of fiction.

Someone at his publishing house should have reined him in when these excesses became evident with Feast of Crows. Sorry, George, but the Martell plot-line and the dynastic struggles of House Greyjoy are self-indulgent, pointless digressions. A firm editorial hand could have saved the series. But I suppose publishers these days don't have the resources or clout to really manage writers, especially ones who make them money.

It's so sad to think that we'll never see resolution to this story, but I'm beginning to believe that's going to the case. Every google news search has GRRM lecturing at colleges, giving interviews, etc, etc. The HBO show is great - don't get me wrong. But ultimately, it will prove to be the undoing for the books. Remember, GRRM was once a television writer. Back in that element with a huge success, there are just too many distractions to keep him at home (where I would imagine his muse tends to strike him). It's a crying shame - I never read fantasy before these books, but I'm totally and absolutely hooked. It's such a great story. My prediction: GRRM dies before WoW is published. We may see the story play out on HBO, but then again, we may not. HBO relies on subscriptions, not advertisers. And given the cost of the show, his death and a slight dip in ratings may be enough to kill it off. Stay healthy GRRM! He must needs to give up those creamcakes, honeyed ducks, and horns of ale!

In 2016 I'll be... omg, almost 30! I can't believe G RR Martin will write it for such a long time. Definitely would need to re-read all the books.

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Hope to have it TWoW in 2014... it won't be a such long waiting! And maybe then ADoS in 2017?
But, sadly, I don't believe they will be the release date.
Be patient, and keep an eye on GRRM's website. Wait for GRRM announcement before believing in any release date. As Ray already said, Dance release date changed several times.

OMG 2014.....
I should live so long!

I really hope it is released next year because I don't want to watch my 4 year old daughter grow into a teenager by the time the series is completed like I did watching my oldest daughter grow up as I read GoT up to ADwD lol.

It's going to be a while. I check http://www.windsofwinterrelease.com all the time, but there isn't much news.

My guess is that 2015 would be the earliest date that The Winds of Winter is going to be released.

Okay sorry but i'm a little bit confused with everything said above. Does anyone know when the 6th book is coming out (winds of winter), leave the 7th (and possibly 8th) aside.
Is that the one you were saying 2014 about. Cz I definitely don't think I can wait so long. I've already forgotten so much. Man I'm going to have to reread the whole series

He has a personal blog at livejournal.com.....become a member and look up GRRM--he has answered my questions there!

TWoW release date: 2015
as martin said it will be a big book and the publication section on wikipedia for TWoW tells us that he has completed only 9 chapters so far (although more chapters will be done by now as the article on carries information on the chapters released by martin so being optimistic i can say that he has completed more than 9 chapters and released a few of them), i can say it will be released in 2015

2014 apparently.. for wow

Anyone who thinks TWOW might come out in 2013 is delusional. Completely delusional.

Anyone who thinks TWOW might come out in 2014 is extremely - I would say foolishly - optimistic.

If you think it might come out in 2015, I'd still say you're an optimist, and are assuming nothing will go wrong, but maybe - hopefully - you're right.

However, 2016-2017 is probably a more cautious estimate, if you've got money riding on it...

Pessimists might say 2018, 2019, 2020.

Don't forget, there may well be a split into two books again.

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This is from wikipedia, and of course, i have taken it w. a grain of salt but seems like GRRM..."Martin believes the two last volumes of the series will be big books of 1500 manuscript pages each.[18] 400 pages of the sixth novel have been written as of October 2012, although Martin considers only 200 as "really finished"; the rest need revising.[19]" I guess 2014 would fit the above, but something makes me fell like it will be longer. I mean 200 outta 1500???? yeah I dunno about 2014...

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I heard "The Winds of Winter" is coming out next year.

Y'alls are deluding yourself. 6 & 7 will never be finished. The average time between books has been 4 and 1/2 years. The man is over 70 years old and obease. On top of that he's been a nerd all his life and is finally getting some attention. Every bit of news has him at this set or that one or mingling with the cast. HBO producers are showering him every night with a plethora of rich and fatty foods, prostitutes and drugs. GRRM wrote into his will that he will not allow another author finish the series but he told the HBO producers a rough gist of the ending. So if your thinking that HBO has a vested interest in GRRM finish the series your wrong- they will make more ratings/money if they are the only way that fans will get closer. Give it up folks, remove all expectation of the Winds of Winter ever blowing your way.

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