Notorious Nineteen (Stephanie Plum, #19) Notorious Nineteen question

What are your predictions for Notorious Nineteen?
Claudia Claudia Sep 14, 2012 04:43PM
I want Stephanie to finally choose between Ranger or Morelli (I'm team Ranger). I think that the love potion that Stephanie gives Morelli is going to backfire in a big way.

Unfortunately she has a contract for 3 more books, so I seriously doubt there'll be any resolution in 19. I have a feeling it will be the same old same old. Stalker/bad guy after Steph, Joe griping about her job, Ranger keeping her safe, bathroom jokes galore and a tease of something significant to happen that NEVER does. I read only for Ranger at this point. The fact that he doesn’t want to marry her is what keeps it hot. He loves her, more than he ever expected I’m betting, but deep down he knows, like I do, if they settled down to play house the fire would go out. Just like it did with Joe. I recently reread the series and no surprise I loved Morelli for the first 3 books. Why? Because Steph’s and Joe’s interactions read EXACTLY like Steph’s and Ranger’s now. Joe didn’t want to get married, Joe said he loved her but didn’t think that was smart, Joe didn’t give her ultimatums to quit. The minute Joe wanted to settle down his sex appeal fizzled and Ranger’s heated up. Joe moved onto comfortable complacency, and Ranger got all the romance and mystery. JE has written herself into the proverbial corner. She needs the raw sexuality Ranger exudes, but also the familiar companionship Morelli provides. One of two things needs to happen before Steph can make a choice, she is either going to reassess her life goals or one of her men is going to have to change. Since I can’t envision Steph suddenly wanting to learn how to make pot roast, Morelli offering to help her get better at skip tracing, or Ranger sharing an emotion without smoke and mirrors nothing is going to change anytime soon. Of course, since JE and I aren’t best buds I could be completely wrong. Maybe she has 300 some odd pages of heart stopping action, character growth, belly aching laughs that have nothing to do with bodily functions, and a clue as to the direction Steph’s life will take…but I’m not holding my breath.

Donna (last edited Jan 05, 2013 08:43PM ) Jan 05, 2013 08:41PM   0 votes
Whoops! I misread the question, & wrote what I thought would come AFTER 19. I HAVE READ 19, and if you haven't yet, wait till you do to read what I've written, cause there are spoilers. See if you agree with me when you're done.

In 19, she states at the beginning that she has decided to make things work with Morelli. Though Ranger remains the eternal temptation, she doesn't bounce back & forth in this book, but sticks w/Morelli. I agree that the ambiguity was getting stale, & the writer probably sensed it, too. I predict more issues with her family (glad to see her get rid of the sister & stupid family that came with); more exploding cars, which still make me laugh; and more really oddball skips. I hope she further develops Lula, who started out great, but is in danger of becoming a stereotype w this particular work. The gimmick that she added here is a funny one, and it helped keep the book from becoming a rerun of previous adventures. She also uses her brain better, so that she doesn't come across as some ditz that Ranger has to rescue not because her job is dangerous, but because she's dumb. I think Evanovich is headed in the right direction w/this series. I don't care much for her other books, but I am still a faithful junkie when it comes to the numbered Stephanie Plum books! It's mind candy, but it's FUN.

Theresa Timlin I have read 19 too, and I agree with you 100%
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Shara Bingham I agree with Donna. What I'm getting sick of is the whole quantity of food these sisters pack away. I like the scary psychos. I like Morelli and his g ...more
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I don't think she's ever going to decide. Both Joe and Ranger bring something to the books. Without one or the either half of the story is gone since they're both a big part of her life, each in different ways.

Oh dear.. I thought it was me.. I thought I was outgrowing the Plum series just like I outgrew Cosmo. Although I am an ardent fan and always will be.. (it's a way of life) you just can't read nineteen books with the same plot line, characters and dialogue without it getting a little predictable.

I read 19 and it fell totally flat for me. I too want her to choose. I want her not to be a moron and seriously - more cars exploding? My insurance is through the roof and I have nothing negative on my record. What company on this planet would insure that woman?

I'd read that Evanovich has never intended for Stephanie to make that choice.

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