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message 1: by Amber, Master Sympathist (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 1471 comments Mod

So how do you all feel about this.

As a woman...I'm pretty sure this chick might be retarded.

message 2: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 1 comments i am confused why she chose to think he is sexist. How did she focus on those things and say, 'definitely a sexist'. I see what was written and say, 'horny young man'.

message 3: by Amber, Master Sympathist (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 1471 comments Mod
Yes, I thought it was rather odd myself and possibly insane.

I sort of just hate this person because they are what make people sneer when you say you are feminist. I believe in equal rights for everyone and I consider myself a feminist. But applying that to fantasy novels just seem really inane.

message 4: by Susan (last edited Sep 13, 2012 01:08PM) (new)

Susan | 202 comments I honestly never even considered it creepy. I'm all for feminism. I'm a female. Patrick Rothfuss is one of my favorite authors. Sure, maybe if you're extremely sensitive you may consider him a little sexist, but he really isn't. He said that a pretty Asian girl hugged him. So? She was a pretty Asian girl and she hugged him... What's wrong with that? Can't he describe women as pretty?
And honestly, I think all young men have an obsession with breasts in their high school/college years. Even in Middle-school, sometimes. I've heard of occasions.
All in all, I'm pretty sure that that article is a load of crap.

message 5: by Ancapaillmor (new)

Ancapaillmor | 76 comments Its almost impossible to write something these days without pissing someone off.

Obsession in high school,early years, are you mad, we always do it never turns off.

What pisses me off is if a calendar was done with shirtless men from novels, an eyelid wouldn't be batted over it. He's anything but sexist, he writes really strong female characters.

message 6: by Dorothy (new)

Dorothy Good grief, someone should grow up. I agree with pretty much all the opinions stated here thus far. I enjoy Pat's books, and would not continue to be a fan if he came off as 'sexist'. Maybe it's just her that is 'sexist' and not 'sexy'. Something seems to have given her an attitude.

message 7: by Eric (last edited Sep 13, 2012 02:01PM) (new)

Eric | 99 comments It was a literary device and they're unfortunately taking a sexist interpretation because they want to be offended.

Some people just enjoy perceiving injustices because they're fueled by the righteous anger that follows.

message 8: by Dorothy (new)

Dorothy Eric wrote: "It was a literary device and they're unfortunately taking a sexist interpretation because they want to be offended. Some people just enjoy perceiving injustices because they're fueled by the righte..."

Yes, what he said :)

Servius  Heiner  | 178 comments If those two snippets were all the info I had available to make a 'judgement' I would say he is a young man not a sexist swine herder. explaining the inner thinking of a mans thoughts doesn't make one sexist. Thinking of women as sexual beings isn't sexist. It is how you act on those thoughts that determine such things. I too have to agree with Eric. It was simply an inflammatory article.

message 10: by Kaye (last edited Sep 13, 2012 08:03PM) (new)

Kaye  (carrymeaway) | 241 comments Im sorry for the next few words:

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT BITCH THINKING, NONE OF THAT WAS SEXIST... HELL I COLLECT PIN UP CHARACTERS AND IM THAT KIND OF GIRL MINUS THE PORN THING... i was offended by her stupidity and the comments of some of the people... *sigh* okay i feel better... phew... thought i'd never get over that...

and as far as him looking at her breast so what? lol i look at guys asses all the time does that make me sexist... no! and who hasnt had sexual fantasies... and with the whole porn thing... so what? who hasnt watched porn at least once in thier life? in my opinion this woman needs to get laid, have a couple of drinks, and learn that women are just as much of pigs as men are...

message 11: by Amber, Master Sympathist (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 1471 comments Mod
@Kaye...I'm not even going to lie. I actually thought she might need to get laid too. Or maybe she has some really deep emotional issues with sex.

I dont know. I dont have any issue with the subject so hard it's for me to say.

I always thought people made porn of their own free will so that part just didnt correlate to me at all either. I guess it does objectify human bodies, but it's not like their arent men and women doing I dont really consider that sexist.

I had a little rage fit too, but I think I'm over it now LOL.

message 12: by Dorothy (new)

Dorothy The pinups are so retro,?... pinups, WWII stuff ?, by today's standards they barely raise an eyebrow, I thought them sort of ...cute. Maybe I'm too old to get all excited about women's lib, let's all get liberated, and let some people enjoy life.

message 13: by Linda (new)

Linda | 3 comments Yeah, she is nuts. forget it. I amm waiting for the 3rd book. Is it done yet?

message 14: by Kaye (new)

Kaye  (carrymeaway) | 241 comments lol no it doesnt come out till May 2013 unfortunately...

message 15: by Ancapaillmor (new)

Ancapaillmor | 76 comments Kaye wrote: "lol no it doesnt come out till May 2013 unfortunately..."

Check again that's been taken down ,PR said anyone who thinks it'll be out by 2013 is insane, well I'll be insane by then.

message 16: by Kaye (new)

Kaye  (carrymeaway) | 241 comments WTF!? *sigh* i waited four years for the second one... i suppose i can wait for the third...

message 17: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (rachelsessum) | 113 comments It frustrates me when I read things like that, as it is first of all clear, as was stated earlier in this thread, that the person writing it is determined to take offense. I did not pick up on anything sexist or misogynistic in his books. They are my favorite books at the moment, and I am reading them for the 3rd time this year. I give this review of PR a big WHATEVER.

message 18: by Amber, Master Sympathist (new)

Amber (ivorydoom) | 1471 comments Mod
Yes Kaye...the deadline for his next book is now with in the next 100 years.


I'll be so stoked when we get the real release date...I have been saving vacation time so that I can take off work and read it all in one day. (Something I havent done since Harry Potter...)

Servius  Heiner  | 178 comments I don't like this... I demand a May release date. Thee end.

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