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Bones letter
Kayla Kayla Sep 13, 2012 01:02AM
So I read this a couple weeks ago so I'm not sure if it was ever brought up but when Cat gets that wooden box after Bones is assumed dead, with the pictures and letter to her, did she ever read it? I'm not sure if I missed it but you would think if it wasn't mentioned in this book it somehow would have been revealed later on. Did I miss something or was this just overlooked?

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Jeaniene Frost put on her website that she never actually wrote the letter because it was too painful for her to write. So we'll never know what the letter actually said.

Sue That's actually a shame, I find insertions of those types of things to be quite moving. And considering her mindset at the time it would have been the ...more
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Cat began to read the letter, but she stopped reading it. It was too painful for her. I believe she got as far as, To my beloved wife.

It's so funny you mentioned that as I'm just re-reading the series again and when I got to this part I wondered the same thing. There's definitely no mention of it again!!...

>>There was a folded note lying on top of whatever other items were in this box, with the words My Beloved Wife written on it.<<

>>With impotent wrath I flipped the bed, smashing it into the wall. All it did was expose the antique box with the letter inside I couldn’t stand to read<<

I think these are the only 2 times the letter is mentioned!! :0(

I forgot about that letter! Would've been nice to have glimpsed into it a little further and gain perspective into Bones' mind for a change.

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