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Opposite Day A Political Satire by J.R. Penstroke J.R. Penstroke

Title:Opposite Day: A Political Satire
Author: J.R. Penstroke
Genre: Humor / Satire / Politics
Pages: 80

Third-grader Billy Simmons has declared it Opposite Day.

Only, it's not that simple. A council of twelve dolphins is involved. And a mystical raccoon named Ralphy. Billy faces a personal crises as the world comes unhinged from a polar shift in political ideologies. Democrats are gun-toting conservatives; Republicans are so socialist, they give socialism a bad name.

Opposite Day is a political satire in the vain of Jonathan Swift. Or, contemporaries like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and all the staff writers at The Onion. Opposite Day is a quick read (~16,000 words), presented as a series of vignettes; not unlike a sketch comedy show. Billy's story is the glue that ties it all together.

If you are conservative, fundamentalist, or easily offended, then Opposite Day is probably not for you. The politics of Opposite Day lean pretty far left--you know, radical stuff like feeding the poor, healing the sick, and dropping knowledge, not bombs.

Review Due Date: September 24,2012


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And Were Back! I was having a little trouble loading GR all day..

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I've been having trouble with GR too :)

This is the featured book on the Shut Up & Read blog today!

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Nichola connor (httpgoodreadsnicconnor) | 28 comments had a bit of trouble lastnght trying to get on to GR too and really wanted to sign up for this book :) hope i can still give it a go please. :)

thanks all :)

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Abi Preston (aprestonn) | 5 comments i too hope i can still give it a go! :)

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Bai (sleepy_reader) | 112 comments I'm in.

Exams getting over on I can review this on time! Yay!

Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort  (carriebookfairy) Oh this looks good love to read it mobi please

Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort  (carriebookfairy)

Here's my review, I hope I posted my review right.

Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort  (carriebookfairy) Ca someone let me do if I did above post right?

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Kelly | 21 comments Hope to read and review this book. thanks

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Kelly | 21 comments Sorry forgot about the format. I do not really know what format would be best for me if I get the ebook. I think I have adobe and I have word as well if that helps

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Miranda Cain-Morton (mirandacain)

PDF formt

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Kelly | 21 comments Here is my review of Frost Arch! Enjoyed reading it and thank you for the opportunity to read it!

If I did not post this right , please let me know or if the review is not adequate email me ad I will make the corrections! Thank you again!

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Am I too late?

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Bai (sleepy_reader) | 112 comments Here's my review. I liked it!

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