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Will there be a Book 2?
Erin Erin Sep 08, 2012 09:04AM
Does anyone know if their will be a book two of EASY?? I Loved this book and would like to see more or even a story about Erin with updates on Lucas and Jacqueline.

Unfortunately, EASY is a stand-alone novel. But Tammara Webber did say that she's working on some new stuff. Looking forward to it already :)

I absolutely loved this book! However, I think to write a sequel would be a little overkill. At the end they both confronted their inner demons and though not fully got past it; they were working on it together. Do we really want to muddy up that fantastic ending with inevitable breakups and make-ups that common in young adult romances. I say we leave their lifelong story to the imagination and just assume they eventually went on to get married and have fabulous little babies. The important thing is that this book was about coping with disasters that have a huge effect on your over all well being. So ten thumbs up for this book from me!!

Lorinda Cockrell I agree one book is enough, she gave us the end with a look into the future with a hope for happily ever after!
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There won't be a second book, but her Between the Lines series is incredible, too.

Between the Lines (Between the Lines, #1) by Tammara Webber Where You Are (Between the Lines, #2) by Tammara Webber Good For You (Between the Lines, #3) by Tammara Webber and an upcoming 4th book

I liked the ending. There is not really a need to make a second one. They are happy, we are happy. No questions went unanswered.

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This was one heck of a book, loved it, I don't see a sequel though.

Loved this book!!!!

I'm pretty sure that the author put on her web page that there wouldn't be a sequel to this book... that she was writing a sequel to that Between the Lines series...and that Easy was a standalone.

it would be amazing if the story continued, but i think the girls are right...

The second book is due in April of 2013. I already preordered it.

:( so sad I loved the book and I wanted to read more

I wrote the author asking this question after reading the book. She said there would not be another book following this couple.

J Apr 08, 2013 09:06AM   0 votes
Just wanted to let everyone know I twittered Tammara Webber when she was asking us last week to vote for Lucas vs. The Terrorist Twitter (Julie James) in a favorite hero pole (they were both in the top 4).

I told Tammara she owed us for voting for Lucas and making us feel disloyal to Julie James. She twittered back that she wanted to but her editor wouldn't let her do another Lucas book. (Plus she had the most awesome picture of a Lucas type guy -- be still my heart.) I told her to leave the editor to we readers and to get something to us with Lucas & Jacqueline. I'd take it even if its just an update in a book about other characters. AND I'D CERTAINLY TAKE A MOVIE!!

Sleepy o yes definetly take a movie!! Loved Lucas!!
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I hope so!! I loved this book!!

Sorry Ladies. There will be no book two :-(

I think I read on her website once that this was it for Lucas and Jacqueline. I would love to read more about them too.

am actually glad there won't be another book. I don't know what happened lately with the literary world, it's like everyone's writing 3-books+ length novels but doling them out in chunks every few months or year. I am so used to having the story ends when the book ends it totally annoys me to know that there are more to come but I won't get to know about it till 2 years or so later (that's the reason why I tend to steer clear of series nowadays unless I'm sure they're all out already or they're about different characters in each book)...

I really loved this book I think how it ended there should not be a second book. :)

Seduction and Snacks

if u liked this book, i recommend seduction and snacks its a funny read with romance :)

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