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Printed version?

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Karima Can anybody tell when/if this book is gonna come out in a printed version? I'm not really a fan of e-reads.

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C.J. Roberts Here you go:

Thank you!

Karima Thank you for the information. I don't own a credit card and I'm from Holland so it's a bit hard for me to order it through that way. But I'm really glad it's also in a printed version. I'm trying to get the book via my usual order company. I e-mailed them. I got Captive from them too. So I hope I can order Seduced too via that order company. Or otherwise I'm gonna be very frustrated. :s

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C.J. Roberts Let me know how it works out.


Karima The order company answerd me back and they can't get it for me. so that's kinda sad. I really need to know how the story continues. :( But I will keep lookin' till I find a way to order it somewhere.

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C.J. Roberts Do you have Paypal? Or any other form besides cash?

Karima The only way I can pay is through ideal and my bank account. :S I don't know if you know ideal and if amazon works with that?

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C.J. Roberts Not sure if I can help, babes. But I did find the paperback on Amazon:

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Karima I found it on Amazon too. I also tried Amazon Germany, but they also only acceptcreditcard.
:( So, the only thing I can do now is wait and hope it will someday be available in holland. Thanks for helping me though. :)

Karima Guess what I could finally order? A local bookstore has ordered it for me. I'm so happy. :D

Karima Nope, it's still not possible, because of something called printing-on-demand. So my only possible way to order it is via Amazon. :(

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C.J. Roberts Karima,
Email me authorcjroberts at gmail dot com

Karima Done :D

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