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Who Else Wanted To Kill Dobby???
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Okay yes we all loved Dobby now, but remember when he first showed up??Kept hurting Harry and being SUPER ANNOYING!!!Urgh....or was it just me?

Now I hope all of you guys read that, you know what it's when people get all pissy and call me Bellatrix or Voldemort or just mean things that I want to delete my goodreads account. A lot of you don't just say that in your personal opinion you would not kill Dobby, you just attack. So maybe I'm whining and whatever. Just think before you type?

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how. could. you. EVER. want. to. kill. Dobby?????????
btw, did anybody else catch the whole thing between book 2 and 7?
"promise me one thing dobby, never try to save my live again." and then dobby saves his life. again. and gets stabbed in the heart by a dagger. cry :(

Natalie NO
Nov 10, 2014 08:40AM
Natalie NEVER
Nov 10, 2014 08:41AM

WHAT?!? I LOVE Dobby!!!!!! HE'S MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!

Ummmm, okay. That was VERY Upfront...


HE WAS A FREE ELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sobbed when he died. I mean, I cried a lot when the other characters died, but his death probably hit me the hardest. He wasn't trying to kill, only maim or seriously injure. He was trying to SAVE Harry! And yes, his constant noise and beating himself up may have been annoying if your uncle was about to kill you if you made noise, but Dobby risked his own life and safety so that he could help Harry. Dobby would totally be a Hufflepuff, by the way...

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Come on! He's Dobby, the cute house-elf. He tried to help Harry by hurting him... I like Feven's analogy and agree. Sorry, but as I like to say,"The past is the past. The present is the present. We don't live upon past occurrences. Instead, we continue forward in life."

And all right, no offense, but I think it's kind of psychopathic. I love Dobby and I always will. He has a special place in my heart.

What? I never suspected him of being bad! I just thought he got a little carried away, but the whole time I loved Dobby! Yeah, he was annoying, but like a little brother or something.

Whoever said that they wanted Dobby dead should just never talk about HP at all ever, you dont deserve it.

ok yeah at first he was petty annoying messing harry's life up like that but then you have to admit he's sooooo cute! And he saved Harry's life like loads so I love him and his tennis ball eyes!

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Aw poor Dobby to be honest with you, I just found him really quite funny although he did mess a lot up for Harry, it turned out ok in the end...??

Didn't he tell us he was trying to protect Harry right from his first appearance? Harry later suspects he may be a 'double agent' but only for about 5 seconds. We're certainly never given any real cause to believe he's doing what he's doing out of malicious intent.

I don't think I ever hated him. I think I thought he was slightly annoying but kind of funny.

he was a little annoying, but i didn't really want to kill him

whoever wanted to kill dobby should die themselves :/

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I would never- No could never kill Dobby. He's just a sweetie... in an odd way.

I cried when Dobby died, so no, under no circumstance, did I want him to get hurt. He is such a beautiful, loyal, loving and selfless character.

Dobby always annoyed the hell out of me. He was so subservient to Harry, even after he was freed. It didn't make any sense. Although I cried when he was killed in Book 7, that was more to do with the characters reactions than the loss of the deeply irritating house elf.

omg yes. i didn't hate him enough to want to kill him but he was so annoying along with lockhart which made the book not so enjoyable
in the later books dobby was quite okay but in the 2nd one he was quite annoying

Killing someone just because you don't like them is something Voldemort would do.

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No, it wasn't just you. I absolutely hated Dobby in the movies, to the point of wanting him dead. In the books I loved the whole story with the house elves and Hermione trying to free them and everything, but I still found him annoying at times.

ETA: I just realised this thread is pretty old, oops. :c

I don't understand why you said that. If you want to kill someone,annoying or not,that doesn't make you any better than a death eater. That realy makes me want to cry.:( I think I will. Excuse me.

Dobby is one of the most adorable characters in HP. Even when he was trying to hurt harry to save him. in 2nd book also, i didnt think he was evil. I was just baffled by the ways he went ahead to save harry, i mean closing the portal door, buldger (ouch!!),messing things with the Dursleys(well have to admit i was pretty mad at him then..) but still i would never want to hurt him and when he died i was very sad. just like when sirius was killed or hedwig died... :'(

Now, I read the whole thing that you wrote up there, and I did kind of want to kill Dobby. BEFORE I knew that he was trying to save Harry's life. Just like you. I have spoken (actually, written, but so what? It sounds better than "I have written.")

ummm....wait what?
I guess I did hate him in the 2nd Book, but I grew to love him in the other books...

The second book, first encounter. Yes I did feel that way. My gosh even Harry felt that way!
He was an annoying hurtfull elf and everytime he showed up on the page I was like:'here we go again...:I '
And Harry would be like: 'scoot over, don't let him near me!'

Of course we all liked him in the end, but that wasn't what the post was about. :P

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IDK at first, I didn't like him because he got Harry in trouble, but when Bellatrix killed him, I cried. I don't think I'd want to "kill" him per se, I just didn't exactly like him in the beginning.

No! I would never want to kill Dobby! I never did! I absolutely positively loved him!! Of course, I was focused on wanting to kill Snape.

Still at book 3. :) Can't get my eyes off the book. LOL. Dobby IS annoying. But I hate seeing someone kicking something that breathes. POOR DOBBY :( Lucius Malfoy is PURE EVIL. Just sayin. HAHA. I don't make any sense :|

No, I didn't. I found him so innocent and helpful and sweet - wanting to kill him is a bit extreme...

He did what he did to save Harry in the end.

When he first showed up, I got really angry at him, but I never wanted him to die.

I get annoyed with characters whose main purposes are to get the reader to feel sorry for them.

Dobby is adorable! Of all the house-elves we met he was my favourite. Dobby has no master! Dobby is a free elf!

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Im reading the first part of the second book and I really want to kill Dobby. Maybe Harry could throw that wicked house elf from the window. UGHHH

I never hated Dobby because he was trying to protect Harry for all of that time and he would go though a lot to try to protect him.

Oh My Gosh. Never ever say you want to kill Dobby. No, no, no, just no. That is....let me just say finish the series before you develop a strong opinion on that.

I was happy when - oh wait, I won't spoil it for you. Let's just say when it got down to it, I felt for Dobby.

i hated tht!!
dobby got so annoying!
i did not enjoy dobby one bit in the second book
afterwards though i loved dobby, cutest thing in the world!! :D

Baylor wrote: "Okay yes we all loved Dobby now, but remember when he first showed up??Kept hurting Harry and being SUPER ANNOYING!!!Urgh....or was it just me?"

house elves were not protrayed as being the most intelligent creatures in the HP series. Assuming this is a serious discussion, his character did the best he could with his limited problem solving abilities to try to protect Harry. Assuming this is a lighter discussion - come on, it's Dobby with the endearing eyes and a knack for getting the job done in the most chaotic hap hazard way!

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OMG thats crazy to kill him

I saw the movie when I was very little before I read the book, so I don't think I ever was mad at Dobby because it was just something I always knew. Dobby was a good guy. You know? But I'm not sure I would've wanted to kill him even if I had read the book first. He had good intentions, just very, very crazy ways of trying to keep Harry safe. :)
"You know what, Harry? If he doesn't stop trying to save your life he's going to kill you." -Ron Weasley

Oh well, I usually DON'T hate characters. I didn't hate Dobby. He was a frustrating character when I first read this book but well, since it all served to save Harry - why not let Dobby be a bit annoying?

The only time I ever hated a character was when I read 'Animal Farm'. Some people 'hate' too easily. Killing off a character is NEVER an option.
Try to write some stories yourself and you'll see that your best characters are the ones you truly love and know how it hurts to kill them.

That is a terrible idea. How could anyone want to kill Dobby? . Sure he messed things up in the beginning but he was loyal to Harry and the warding world until the end.

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I believe it's fair to think that Dobby was annoying before the reveal that he belonged to the Malfoy family. Regardless, I personally didn't want to kill him any more than Harry did in the second book.

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The dark lord

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awww no Dobby's alright, there were so many instances where he helped Harry!

deleted user wrote: "Okay yes we all loved Dobby now, but remember when he first showed up??Kept hurting Harry and being SUPER ANNOYING!!!Urgh....or was it just me?


Well...I think Harry wanted to right at first. At the end he says that Dobby can do something for him and that's to "don't try to save my life again."


DOBBY??? Good God, woman! You're insane. He's so adorable and he just ADORES Harry. I never hated him. Yeah, at times I was like, "Bruh, shut the *bleep* up!" but otherwise, he's the most amazing little creature ever. If I had a house elf, I'd be the happiest person alive.

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*gasps* Kill DOBBY? How can ANYONE want to kill Dobby? I know he might be a little annoying but how on earth can you want to kill Dobby after what he did in the last book! Shame on you! Who are you, Bellatrix?

How could you kill this?

Um. Is this even a question??? Nobody should want to kill Dobby. Ever.

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