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Rick Smith I also felt like M. Faber didn't really finish this book. I had an idea or two where the narrative was headed, but in the end nothing happened. Ambiguous endings can be fun, and are sometimes necessary, but you have to care about the main characters. I didn't here.
Clark Knowles Depends on what you need from an ending. I thought the ending was perfect. What more could be said? It certainly leaves lots of loose ends--but that life, right? We get to where we get? Endings in which everything is tied nice and neatly tend to bug me. I like that there is life left after that last page. Lots of life.
Susan Instead of this book going from A to Z, it went from E to M. But,I certainly don't feel like reading another book about it. Iexpeted a revelation about the Oasians.
Toni Blessing Yes! We definitely need a sequel. I loved this book but there were several loose ends.
shannon I'm okay with unfinished endings, but the last fifty pages felt rushed, like the writer had started to panic about nothing really happening over the first 450. But those 450 pages were subtle and meditative and you had to think a little to find the themes that were being explored. Then all of a sudden here's a cackling madman, three or four blatant takes on the idea of resurrection, and, yeah, a cliffhanger. Boo.
Lance Stacy, I give this announcement as much credence as the '83 "farewell tour" of The Who.
Arabella Trefoil Michel Faber wrote a short story that gave his devoted readers a glimpse of some of the characters in "The Crimson Petal and the White." I think eventually we'll find out more about the characters in this novel too.
Chris Yate Yes -- and I don't want a sequel. There's nowhere else to take this story.
Warren I agree and for me too many unanswered questions, like How did the Oasans know about human food, given the lack of contact? Why did the humans give the Oasans medicine if no one knew what for? Did sickness affect the Oasans like physical injuries?
Stacy Searle Last book the author will be writing. He just made the announcement on npr this morning
Laura Like the rest of the book, after all.
Keith Akers Yes. A sequel, in theory, is needed. In "my" book, Peter and Bea both leave the earth and live happily forever after on Oasis. The author would probably regard such an ending as too easy and romantic. He may have wanted to accentuate the "religious" romance over the "earthly-love" romance. I can handle it.
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