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Ravi Man if u remember, as the ending drew nearer tony made a plan with alette to feign becoming cured to get out of the hospital and kill ashley's dad. Dr gilbert helped ashley embrace her other selves... he made them communicate with each other. Ashley came to embrace the feelings of Tony and Alette. So she joined the both of them in pretending to becoming cured to get out of that cell and get what needs to be done. (kill her father)

At the end ,as Ashley boards the train Tony takes over and sings her song.
Samama Reza In the end Ashley is shown to be traveling in a train when Toni (her violent alter) suddenly shows up and go Hamptons, where her father was staying,to kill him.
So that means Toni and Alette were still alive inside Ashley.
Bookworm In Crime how come the doctors never reported the confession to authorities about her dad’s molestation to her?
Santi Lapsuwanwong It's not Toni or Alette. It's Ashley who, after the treatment and all the communications with her alters, accepted the truth and allowed her feelings(which should be there in the first place if she didn't create Toni or Alette to face all the difficulties because she couldn't take it) to come out.

So now it's not any form of alter, but it's ashley who embraced Toni and Alette's experience and mindsets and made up her mind to kill her father. There's no need to have the alters anymore cause they're all herself after all. I think this is why this book is brilliant.
Daniyal Ghani (Dan) Yes! Tony is still alive and Ashley is not fully cured.
Robert I found it ambiguous. Tony and Alette were promised they could continue to sing and paint so maybe the personalities were integrated. Or maybe it meant Toni was going to kill her father, the ending I expected but it wasn't explicit enough to be clear.
Sushi Throughout the book, I felt like Tony was the dominant one out of the three, so it's possible that she "took over" and pretended to be Ashley to convince Dr. Gilbert that she was perfectly cured.
Tanvir Ahmed of course tony was alive..the memory of 3 alters(personalities) were alive in Ashley Patterson
SHIVAM GUPTA That never was Ashley I guess. In the last narrative, Ashley has been shown to be travelling in a travel to Hamptons where her father lives, I was skeptical about why is she going there in the first place but in the end when pop goes the weasel song comes up, I was sure that it's Toni. She had been burning in hotter fire for this day to come. She eventually outplayed the Dr Keller.

"There could have been a terrible ending for her, but this was the happy ending she had prayed for"
Hrisikesh Bakshi The answer is quite simple you know
Toni and alette just pretended to be gone..
Ashley had told the doc that she won't be visiting her father as she wanted to go on with her own life..
Her father was in Hampton
And in the end Ashley ( Toni ) took the train to Hampton itself ( to kill him)
Elaine If all three personalities were integrated into one, all memories will still be there. Even the behavior of each personality will also manifest.
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Abby Chantelle I think she is going to kill her father.
Iswariya I have watched movies in the same aspect. I think Toni will be back if something bad happens to ashley.
Nisha Sadasivan yes.. all the three characters get integrated into one.. Typically like Anniyan movie
Lara I believe it's because the three alters were still alive. But I don't think Toni had anything against Dr. Patterson anymore. Towards the end, her anger dissolves and she starts to accept him for who he is and even forgives him ("I'm not angry, I'm hurt.", "I cannot forget what's he did to me, but I can forgive him."). Therefore, I feel Toni just wanted to live. She didn't but want to die all together. But she wouldn't harm anyone anymore. The author just added that part in the end to prove that Toni and Alette were still there, only completely harmless.
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