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Kelly So many have responded that Max was way too old for Liesel. When Max was mentioned as being 24, Leisel was 13. That is only 11 years, which is really not a big deal. My own parents happen to be 10 years apart in age and it's in no way weird. It was many years beyond this when the war finally ended and they met back up with one another. I like to believe they married. I don't care what happened in the film adaptation either - movies always stray from a book and do what they want and shouldn't be a basis for a response to this question. The author maybe says no, so perhaps that was his intent, however, the novel is left open for interpretation at the end. In my mind, they married. It is the only ending for me.
caitlin I don't really think it mattered who she married, just that she married... To me that wasn't the point of the author including it at the end... The point was that she suffered loss and would continue to suffer and that humans are the main cause of the suffering. I honestly think the author just threw it in there at the end that Liesel had married, but just in order to kind of round out Liesel's life. I could be wrong, but that's how I saw it..
Sam Liesel did not marry Max, simply because a), Max was too old for her, and b) they had form a strong bond of friendship rather than romantic relationship... she had fallen in love with Rudy before his death, and she got married to another man (i don't know who) and had children but Max had stayed friends with Liesel for a while before meeting Death.

Liesel moved to Australia maybe because her husband lived there... it's possible...
Misha Well, Markus Zusak stated that Liesel didnèt marry max BUT my guess as for how did she end up in australia, is because Markus Zusak is from Australia, and he used that place because he himself knew it very well. If you remember, he did describe places in australia specifically, like the exact street or football stadium (i dont remember very well)
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Kristen Australia took a lot of Jewish refugees after the second world war. My guess would be that Liesel immigrated to Australia to escape her memories of the war.
thinkdifferent Liesel is loosely based on the author's mother, who grew up in nazi Germany and later moved to Australia so I guess that was a reason for the author to let Liesel end up in Australia.
Đurđija Lukić I think (if I can say) that thay have their own kind of relationship and in my head it's not romantic kind. For me, Rudy was the right one for her, they loved each other. It's sad that he died but I believe she has found her new Rudy in Australia and has married him.
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Samantha McLaughlin In an interview, Markus Zusak stated that Liesel did not marry Max, although many readers still 'believe' she did. :) And my guess is that she ended up in Australia because of the person she married or maybe her writing career... Hope this helps!
Tim We don't know whom she married. It's possible she did marry Max, but it "feels" to me like she didn't. There's no evidence either way. Nor for why she went to Australia. "Because the author is from Australia" is probably the best answer.
Kelseigh No, Liesel did not marry Max. But I do not know who she got in Australia.
Reading-Girl2 I wondered about that too but, I never really thought it was true. As for Australia, I suggest you look into his past for that. His parents were in Germany around that time (or at least one of them was) and they migrated to Australia.
Sam nonononononnonono Ofcourse not. 9 years old here
Rita7 No, she did not marry max he is waaaay to old for her and she ended up in Australia because her anonymous husband lives there.
Hannah Wallace
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