Hannah asked:

Shuld I try to read it even though I've watched the movies? Wouldn't it spoil the whole story?

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Nevermore Yes! Trust me, try it :) They have a different feel to them compared to the movies and the writing is wonderful.
Also, there are seven books and only three of them have been made into movies so far. If you are not sure about reading "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" because you've seen the first movie, maybe start with "The Magician's Nephew" which has been released later but is the first one chronologically. It serves as kind of a prequel or origins story to all the other books and shows how Narnia and all the other worlds came into existence, how the witch came to Narnia, ...
Enjoy ;)

[If you count "The Magician's Nephew" as book 1, the movies are based on books 2, 4 and 5.
I can also recommend book 3, it is almost entirely based on different characters than the ones from the movies, which is why they filmed 4 and 5 first.]
Deborah D. Absolutely!
Narnia is an amazing world and there is a great deal of detail that was not in the movies.
You can read the entire series without worrying about actors, though the casting was fairly well done.

I just started re-reading them after a gap of a couple decades!
Ella Freeman Yes! Always when a book is available. The books always gives more detail about the charters, the plot and other things the movie might not give you.
P.D. Kalnay The movies are quite different from the books and don’t do them justice. These are classic fantasy books that, like The Lord of the Rings, are a must read for any fan of the genre. That being said, if you’re looking for romance, violence, or teenage love triangles, you’ll come away disappointed. The pacing of these stories is a little slow by today’s standards, but the writing and storytelling is timeless. Bear in mind also that C.S. Lewis wrote these for children. I’d consider them appropriate for children of all ages.
Addison Dixon Oh yeah!! The series is too good to pass up! C.S Lewis was an amazing author and his writing is definitely worth the time!! :DD
Helena Henriques Read it! I would think the movies would spoil the book.
BalrajWallace Nice question, i was wondering the same
Kay Myers I found that seeing the movies first was good. The books are a lot shorter so you can imagine the extra excitement as you read.
Brad Oldham I read the entire series (for the first time) to my daughter after I had already watched the movies (she had to wait until after we finished each book) and I absolutely loved the books despite having already seen the movies.
Hippo1 read the books they are so much better and i atcually like the books that were not made into movies better. i think it is because i can atcually imagaine
Laraghost Yes,try to read it,i did,it's great!
Emma Greenspan Definitely read the books! The writing is absolutely incredible and the movies are not exactly the same. The movies may have spoiled some parts, but it is definitely worth it to read the series.
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