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Hannah Dear asked:

Is this a spin-off series to Daughter of Smoke and Bones? I haven't read that series, but this one sounds amazing.

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Angela No, it's a new 2 book series.

And for anyone that hasn't read Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy - RUN don't walk. They're among my absolute favorite books - the kind you miss from the moment of their last sentence until FOREVER!
Rachel What Angela said! DOSAB will change your life! If you think Post-Potter Syndrome is bad, try Post Karou Syndrome!
Briana Elliott It's set in a parallel universe to DOSAB (which is a work of art, you must read it or burn forever in the book-lover hellfires of inadequacy), and the religion/history of the universe is a reference to that of DOSAB. The Mesarthiums are, it seems, descendants of the Seraphim faerers of DOSAB, some of whom were blue.
Update: the Mesarthim are not, as I originally assumed, Seraphim descendents. I won't spoil it, but the the universes are linked. The people of Strange the Dreamer worship the Seraphim faerers, who once passed through their world on their travels.
Tracy Wilkinson No it's a new series but why haven't you read Daughter of Smoke and Bones?? Go, read it now, it is amazing!!
Denise Malta I've read the DOSAB trilogy and from the description, I don't think it is. It could be set in one of the parallel worlds mentioned, but it's unlikely. And even if it was, it probably wouldn't have any other connections to the trilogy.
M Rosas It is its own series but it shares a universe with DOSB. You won't miss anything if you haven't read DOSB, although I do recommend them if you haven't read it yet
Erin It's definitely not a spin-off of Daughter of Smoke & Bone, but I think it may be in the same universe/reality. There are similarities in the world building, but not the story or characters.
_Blues_ Linda listen... I hope you've read both Daughter of smoke and mirrors and Strange the dreamer. Lani will go down as one of my top 10 possible top 5. Her writing is art which I've been saying for years is what's been lacking in the typical YA fantasy.
Stuart Meczes Whilst not a spin-off, the story is set in the same ‘multi-verse’ as DOSAB and there is one part in the sequel Muse of Nightmares (about chapter 40) that whilst explaining the background of the Seraphim foragers, makes direct reference to events of the DOSAB series and adds ‘but that’s another story.’ It also makes reference to something else adding, ‘that’s also another story’ suggesting that the author perhaps intends to write another series of books set in the same shared multi-verse.
Zara Jhudiel
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Countless Untruths Not quite, at least not yet and maybe never? They do seem to share similar creatonist mythologies, tho, so in-multiverse connection maybe? But it can be read without having to read DOSAB.

(Although, frankly, if it strikes your fancy, I totally recommend DOSAB as well!)
notsohumankind No, it's not. It's a duo to The Muse of Nightmares.
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