Ray asked Alan Moore:

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen must one of the most ambitious literary deconstructions in all fiction. As it evolved from the "Victorian Justice League" to all stories ever, with the Black Dossier's setting in the 1950s and then Century, it went from public domain characters to those such as a certain British spy and boy wizard... Did you face any legal obstacles or criticisms from the owners of those properties?

Alan Moore The short answer is that no, we never faced any legal obstacles or received any criticisms from the creators of any of the properties you mention, or their estates...hardly surprising, as we were careful not to use any trademarked names or likenesses, and in case I don’t think we ever did anything that didn’t fall under the broad rubric of satire, which is surely permissible. While working on The Black Dossier, however, we did receive a lot of interference from our apparently timid and easily-frightened American publishers, none of which turned out to have any relationship to anything that ever actually happened in the real world, as indeed any vertebrate with a mental age in excess of eleven might have predicted. Similarly, on Century, while we did have one of our flagging national daily papers trying to perk up its sales and its reporter’s profile by attempting to generate some controversy that would have enabled them to run lots of headlines with the words ‘Harry Potter’ in them, absolutely nothing happened, just as is always the case if someone in comics or media has told you that it definitely will, and that it will bring down the wrath of God on you personally and the industry in general. I often think that one of the main reasons the comic business likes to present its caped and masked visions of superhuman courage is because it is itself so markedly lacking in that commodity. But thanks for your remarks upon its deconstruction of fiction. Even if we don’t always please everybody, or even anybody, I don’t think we can be faulted for a want of ambition.
Alan Moore

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