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Martina Asher is saying that while Hannah had a radically different life than Skye, they both are psychologically depressed and show signs. Clay just couldn't see those signs in Hannah until it was too late, so he at least is able to save Skye.
sabrina My feeling was because in the story earlier, he saw her on the bus. He remembered how she used to be and reflected on how withdrawn she seemed. Then the story continued. He saw her at the end and reached out because he felt he had a new understanding and didn't want a chance to get away again.
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Medea Nightshade If you remember earlier in the book, Skye became a suicide risk a long time ago, and Clay didn't want another person to be alone if something is wrong in their life. He didn't want another person to die. Skye being a suicide risk is a fact but the rest is just my opinion
Nimra Shaikh He knew Skye from eighth grade, I think, and after seeing her on the bus he was reminded that she had changed a lot in recent years like Hannah had. He saw suicidal signs in her but he didn't say anything then. He was unable to save Hannah but he didn't want another person to commit suicide because the world won't change even after seeing that one of them had died. He didn't want to stand back and have her life ruined because no one decided/wanted to help her.
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Chassity Oden since he was not able to save Hannah life he wants to try to save Skye's so she does not have to suffer the same way she did.
Christine He saw her on the bus and the story kept pushing the point that she looked down all the time and avoided people, which are usually signs of depression. Clay probably saw these signs that Skye might be suicidal and, since he knew Hannah might've been saved if she had someone who reached out to her, he made an effort to reach out to Skye in case she needed help.
Junius Moore Its because when he walked past her, he noticed that she showed signs of suicide and he was trying to reach out to her.
Aditi Kumar Skye's character shows signs of depression, and maybe he thinks she's also asking for help in ways like Hannah did. He finally understands what might be going on...or that something is up.
Anna clay saw an opportunity to save her unlike Hannah. It was too late when he realized when his chance was.
Rene He had mentioned Skye earlier in the story saying that he liked her, because of what happened to Hannah he decided to talk to her.
Courtney Tonks It's how ever you interpret it... She's the girl from the bus, the one that changed, the one that nobody really spoke to.. I guess he figured he lost one person he never got to know better..
Camille I cryed at the end when he said that.
TORI RODRIGUEZ Skye was Clay's young crush. He noticed the same characteristics about her as he did with Hannah
Tiko Kapanadze What you think was Hanna true when he killed himself?

Sandeep Dalmia so that the things that happened with Hannah must not get repeated with Skye.. Hope Clay Helps her..
Beyond my thoughts
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Danika Both Skye and Hannah show signs of depression but Clay didn't see how Hannah was depressed until she was gone, so Clay doesn't want that to happen to Skye.
☇Briannan∞ Like everyone else has said, I believe it's because he saw a lot of Hannah in Skye, behavior-wise, and he knew he missed out on his chance at helping Hannah, so he was ultimately using Hannah's story to help someone else. I think it also showed reflection to the parts in the book where Clay would think about how hearing the tapes would change their lives & Clay was using Hannah's confession as a way to step out of his comfort zone/ his shell. Not to mention, Clay stated earlier in the book when they were on the bus together that he used to have a crush on Skye when they were younger, so I definitely think he was reflecting her situation back to Hannah & his crush on her.
Zina Bektache I think because she was going through the struggles Hannah gone through and this time Clay noticed
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Manaal Wajid OMG Graciela I didn't even notice that Clay saw Hannah in Skye in that way................. :O
Zachary She was sucidal (i think)
beatrice degroot he realized she was suicidal
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