Evgeni Kirilov
Evgeni Kirilov asked Brent Weeks:

#1. Would you classify paryl as microwave, terahertz, or something else entirely? #2. Drafting and color perception outside the visible spectrum seems pretty well researched - can you talk about your research & creation process relevant to those things, and whether there is some small detail you don't expect fans to notice, but are proud you got right?

Brent Weeks Paryl is based on millimeter waves, so technically it's part of the microwave spectrum, but a very narrow slice of it.
I've done a lot of research on color perception and physics, from declassified military briefs on millimeter waves that penetrate your skin only as deep as the width of a sheet of paper, but make you feel like your skin is on fire, to different color theories throughout history. And of course the cool thing is that now I'll have fans who will notice amazing science stuff, and they'll forward me the relevant articles. A recent one was about scientists creating solid matter out of light, which makes me feel like some kind of friggin' visionary!
One small detail that I introduced that no fans noticed -- or at least no fan told me, "Yeah, Weeks, I saw what you did there," -- was that I named one of my outer spectrum colors chi. That was for x-rays. Because chi in Greek is... Clever, huh?
Brent Weeks

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