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Generally, what can you tell me about this book? I'd like to read it before I buy a copy, but as far as I know, that's impossible with Kindle books. I'm trying to figure out whether it's a book of actual political commentary or just some internet geeks taking their fight to the (figuratively) printed page (which I could care less about), but the irreverent nature of the descriptions and blurbs just obfuscates that.

Marina Fontaine It's both. He uses some examples from geek world because that's what he knows best, but this is definitely political/social commentary that's applicable to everyday life.
Henry Brown Not just commentary, but actually contains some hands-on advice for dealing with SJW tactics in the workplace, on the web, and other venues. Also has limited insights into the psychology of SJWs (know your enemy). Some anecdotal exposition deals with events in the "Geekosphere" (#Gamergate, the Hugos...) but I wouldn't classify it as internet geeks taking their fight to the printed page.
Judith It's a book advising "regular people" to fight back against thought policing SJWs by... thought policing & firing people who do not conform.
Rockeye The author rambles on quite a bit about some issues he personally had, but it's mostly used to illustrate the points being made, so it's kinda relevant, if long-winded. So, to answer your question, the book is probably 70% actual political commentary, and 30% "inside baseball".

One thing; this book is definitely not about "internet geeks". There are loads of real-world instances of SJW's engaging in shenanigans to get people fired - it's an important book. SJW's have personally cost the author, which is why he wrote the book.
Alberto Curutchet Look, I understand and somewhat share Days' worries. That's why I bought the book (paper) in the first place. But just go through my review... I hope I made the point there.
I don't regret buying it, since I needed to read material on the subject and the author is in the frontline, it's an important actor. But I felt a bit dissapointed. I was looking for a deepest, serious work, and his final take on how to deal with a SJW is just too basic -to say the least-.
Colin Campbell A link to the blog of one of the authors:
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by Vox Day
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