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I'm not sure if I will be able to stomach a book like this, but I want to know about Bundy, and the 1-star reviews at Amazon of Ann Rule's book 'The Stranger Beside Me', say she was so Bedazzled by him, so that in no way does she portray him as the monster he was, or how horrific his murders were. I want the more realistic facts, but just how grisly is this book?

Leslie I know you asked this 3 years ago, but still thought I'd answer, as I just finished it. Beings it's the 30 year anniv. of his death, my husband suggested i read this book, as I've read the other 2: Deliberate Stranger and Ann Rule's (both years ago).

I personally don't think this book is that grisly. They do describe some of the murders in a little detail, but not enough to "affect" someone reading it. When my husband suggested I read it, I told him i didn't want to read any gore or anything that would be too disturbing, and he said it wasn't. I'd have to agree with him. There are some parts, but it's more sad. They describe a few of the bodies and what happened but again, if I can stomach it, I think anyone can. They do describe Kim Leach's body when they discover it, but that's near the end.
Ingo Not having read this book yet, I read Ann Rule. Her book is flawed, she describes the police workings and the hunt as though no mistakes where made, which was remarked in other books as one of the most botched investigations, with Bundy even escaping not once, but twice. Other books are more frank even pointing out the mistakes made the police and in Rule's book.
But in my opinion her description of Bundy was spot on. You can name him a Monster if you know what he has done, and rightfully so, but meeting him or working with him, you would encounter a nice, good looking, normal young man, sociable and helpful. You would never guess him to be a serial killer. That is perfectly described by the title of the book, and also by others (two ! women he was engaged to).
Other killers come to mind, who also look and act normal most of the time: John Wayne Gacey (the clown) or Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer). If you regard them as Monsters, you do so because of what you know what they have done, but what would you think about them before knowing?
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