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So is anyone else shipping Lysandra and Aedion or is it just me???

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Faith OMG YES! I swear if they don't get together I will slowly curl up into a ball of nothingness and die.
Isabel same. if they get together I think I will scream (like a girly girl) and dance around my cave like room (I like it that way)! if they don't I will probably cry!
Rells they better end up married with a ton of half-fae-half-shapeshifter-kids! like one day aedion (my computer just corrected it to audio...)will come home and see himself moving around and bossing a bunch of ghost leopards and he'll be like "whhaaaaaatttt......" and then little-shapeshifter-kid will be like "oh chicken nuggets dad's here..." and omg THEY BETTER BE TOGETHER IT BETTER NOT BE THE WHOLE CELEANA-DORIAN SITUATION!!!!!!
Aneesah Hussain ✨ OMG, LIKE YESSSSS! TOTALLY !!!!!!!!!!! But i couldn't stop laughing when Lysandra said that even doe Aedion is hot, kissing him would be like kissing Aelin!!!!:D
Aelinofthewildfirefireheart It's not just you, you lunatic. I have been betting about it with my friend ever since Lysandra and Aedion met.
Saysay Creswell Omigod I feel like sarah is trying to torture us with making it seem like they are going to be a thing and then they are going to be sorta a thing forever. Best case scenario the sixth book ends like harry potter and we see aelin and rowans children skip through terrasens castle with lysandra and aedions children chasing them around and they play with manons and doreins children as well as elides and lorcans cute little kids chasing them around. Or we will all die together and there will be no cute epiloge full of children and we will cry over the book thinking "goddd dammit where are the children of our ships the ships might as well have sunk as lysandra prowls in the water as a flipping sea dragon".
Moni Baj Nahh... I believe she will end up with one of the cadre.
Preferably Gavriel!!!
Khola askdghjkjhgdsl :-* I will go down with this ship! They are so awesome together <3 I love them both, precious babies <3
Rowena Shacklebolt hell! count me in!
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Jessica I ship Aedion and Lysandra together as well. Until the last part of the book, they hit a large bump in the road/path or whatever you want to say.

I ship Aelin and Rowan too all the way!!!!!!
Caroline YASSSSS! I've been shipping them since they were introduced in the series.
Poorba Sinha I think Lysandra and Aedion are going to be the cutest couple of the TOG sereies..!!!! I'm shipping them so hard. <3
lore It's definitely not just you!!! I'd be so awesome if they got together <3 There's just so much chemistry!! Yassss! This needs to happen!!
Taylor R. Yes!!! I'll be really sad if they aren't in the end!
Ravyn "Shipping??"

I had to look this up on Urban Dictionary because I had no idea what you were talking about.
The Sword of Orynth Ugh, YUHUH!!!!! They would be, like, totally Aediandra or Lysanion What do you think?:) If they don't get together I will cry! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Faeytwings Actually really hope they don’t get together. I don’t think as a couple they would work out in the end. I really only think there is friendship there between them.
Eden They are my favorite ship in this whole series and if they don't get married in the last book or one of them dies I will personally go to Sarah's house and bludgeon her with the book!!

....Sorry that was aggressive.
stanley Yes! So very much yes
Cake Totally!!!!! I love them together! I do hope what happened to Aelin doesn't break what there is between the two of them...
Izzy They are soo perfect. In my mind they are unofficially shipped.
Marie-Therese Yes I totally am :D
safi ☆ I ship them so much!!!!!
Kirsten Nope. They feel too forced for me.
Evee YASSSS!!!! #goals
Zora OMFG YAAAAS I was soooooo rooting for them in the last book and I want them to get married and have little shape shifting fae babies. sooo cute
Trang Yaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssss!!!!! Silently screaming (is that possible?) in my closet at 2:00 on a school night.
Jacqueline Raether OMFG yes! I won't survive if there not together
Victoria OMG they HAVE to I thought I was the only one who thought that!!!
Jet13 Yes! They will be so adorable if the get together, if they don't I'll be extremely upset
Laura GhostWolf?


Azra YES! They need to be together.
apricots OMG YESS. I believe there was a a part at the end where Lysandra was playing with Aedion in some other form. SHiPPP <333
Aashni M. OMG I am SO happy it wasn't just me I have been going crazy! They seriously need to get together!
Squish Definitely those too make a great pair
Alayah Yes I do, but what is the ship name?
Cece That WOULD BE awesome! I would be so happy
Queen Mery YES YES YES !!!!!! I ship them so hard!!!! They should have their own ship name!!!!!!
Thalia Blackthorn YES. I've never shipped anyone this hard.
TheBritishGirraffe For some reason my mind has decided to ship Aedion and Elide even though they haven't met since childhood. my friends ship him and Lysandra but i just didn't see it.
Opillinger Yes!! OMG how have I not realised this ship before?
Heart Feather They better be god damned mates, honestly with some of Aedion's reactions in QoS it has to become canon and not just a ship. Please Sarah J. Maas answer your fans plea and have the two get together!
Edie Definitely! I was wondering if it was just me.
rikki SHIP SHIP SHIP!!!!
Nour Aeandra 4ever! They make the best couple evah! (after Rowan and Celaena of course)
Emma Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! How could I not be?
R. Anne Yes, definitely. :)
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