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Stevie Mine has that too... I rationalised it by telling myself she was using the Carla's old pad that was lying around. I was quite confused at first because I thought Carla kept sneaking back to leave weird notes...
Mary Yes. That drove me nuts. I kept looking at it and rereading around it. Huge proofing error.
Emily Crall Oh my gosh, I spent 15 minutes on this trying to figure out what Carla and Janet have the same last name. I finally concluded that it was an error (though a large one). Drove me nuts.
Morgan My copy is fixed, so looks like they edited out the error at some point. It says "Nurse Pritchert".
Jade Chang yes!! mine says that too! I was very confused thanks for clearing it up... must be a typo :O
Hannah Graber YES!! That confused me so much
Samaya mine doesn't say that it says "Janet pritchert"
sladynoire I think that only the older book versions have the mistake, I recently read the e - book and there was no mistake in the notes
miszerica Mine says Carla I was like wtf
Kayleee mines says nurse pritchert too
Meg My verson says Janet Pritchert
Soňa Juhásziová It has probably been edited bc my copy is okay
The_Books_Music_Life i just read it and i didn't see where it said Carla Pritchett. I'm like so confused right now lol.
L36203 Didn't seem to come across this mistake myself! May have been edited since.
Shea I'm glad I wasn't the only one that noticed this/was bothered by it! I feel less insane now.
Bethany I've just bought the kindle version and it does have this mistake in it! Surely it would've been updated to the correct name?
Heather Mine ALSO says this! I literally just had to google about it because I was so confused.
Bookclubct Our copies have Janet :)
Alyssa Eddy Yes!!! So irritating. I was thinking maybe there would
be a reason... nope. Just bad proof reading
Carly Adomelis My copy says "Janet Pritchert, RN"
Stephanie Thank God, I thought I was the only one. This is driving me insane :)
Megan Mine (Kindle) doesn't have that. Is this print or Kindle?
KatieKat Ugh Ikr, that one part was driving me absolutely nuts, and I seriously just stood there half an hour thinking of all the reasons why it would be there. My conclusion is that Jane must had been using Carla's sticky notes that she had left behind...(probably too lazy to customize/print her own).
Kasia Proce Yup! Mine had that too. Well, it is her first novel so I understand if there is some error.
Donald Jones I noticed more than one typo in this book, but that is the major one I noticed right off the bat. At first I though maybe it was just a one time thing, but then I kept seeing it over and over. I learned to just read over it.
Danee It was that way in mine too. I figured the new nurse was just using Carla's notepad that she left behind
Mara Mine too-- I was thoroughly confused, the figured it was a mistake. A big, glaring error that somebody should have caught sooner.
G It saids Carla Pritchert for me as well, I am assuming it is suppose to be Janet because of the last name. No idea how that error could have went to press, but it looks like someone below said it wasn't in their copy.
Janiz Yes, me too, I thought it was Carla's old sticky notes!
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