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How young of a reader would you recommend this book? Amazon lists it as 12-18 years. A reviewer on there mentioned sex and swearing. Just wondered appropriateness for my 10 year old son who is an advanced reader but conservative on sexual/language content.

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Andy Reynolds One of the characters refers to a plan as being "dumb-ass" at one point, which is the only swearing I remember.

The sex is being slightly overstated. There are two instances, but everything beyond brief mentions of kissing happens off-page, and the references made to it after the fact are mostly about the emotional impact.

If those three things give you pause, you may want to consider the other Journey to Star Wars books: Moving Target, The Weapon of a Jedi, and Smuggler's Run, which are written specifically for the 10-14 range.
Robert Fitzsimmons I would probably wait a little longer for your son.

The book includes several scenes where characters kiss passionately, and many where this is mentioned (i.e. Her lips were swollen from kissing him). There is also two occasions of characters having sex, although it is never described in detail. One of these is followed by the characters laying naked together in bed. In addition, there are several comments which are sexual in nature (i.e. You left us to bang your ex).

In terms of swearing, I would say around 5 uses of "Ass". And around 15 or so uses each of "Hell" and "Damn". Nothing major here, all of this is present in Star Wars movies which I would assume your son has seen.
Ian This is fine for a 12 year old. Its NOT as violent as Maze Runner and Hunger Games. . . its a goodread (no pun lol)
Jesse Fickes I don't think sex or language is the problem. I think the issues of loss and longing, honor, promises and opportunities lost are probably more mature than he may be able to absorb. I think it may more someone of that age.
Shaun This book has more sex in it than any adult audience star wars book I have ever read. Or at least I don't remember even a instance of characters having sex in any others. Here they have it twice and it was referred to in inner monologue flashbacks many more times than that and a they say things that only a sexually active reader would understand. It goes way over the line for a YA book. From Disney no less!
Chad Kearbey Just my two sense, I don't think this is appropriate for a ten year old. Wait a couple of more years. Yes, the sex is downplayed, but definitely implied. There is a lot of minor cursing (nothing that I'm sure your kid doesn't use or hear at school). I teach 8th grade English and I think it's probably more appropriate for that age range.
Brian There are only two love scenes, that are more PG-13, and don't really show anything. And there is very little cursing in the book. But the book is written for a more mature reader. I think many of it's themes, and philosophy would go right over the head of a 10 year old. But it's a great book for people from ages 13 and up.
Landon To be honest, I was disappointed at the amount of sexual content in this book, both because 1) it's a Star Wars book, and 2) it's marked as a YA book. I would say this book is probably for 16+ readers.
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Zoe Language goes as far as “dumb-ass” or “crap, but nothing more. The sexual content is over exaggerated. Kisses are mentioned, along with flirting and attraction, but nothing sexual.
Shadow There are 2 instances of swearing that I recall: dumbass and hell. There is an implied sex scene and kissing. I think it's appropriate for kids. It's nothing more graphic than we have seen in Star Wars movies before.
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