Prakash Srinad
Prakash Srinad asked Anand Neelakantan:

Sir, If you think of asuras loved by people two names immediately comes to our mind. Prahlad and Mahabali. Mahabali was a great king. then why was he exiled? Also, do yo plan to write about them? (I had read your article on deepavali.) Also according to local folklore in kerala it is believed that parashurama built kerala. Then how could Mahabali (killed by a previous avatar) rule kerala. Thanks.

Anand Neelakantan The answer to first question can be given in two ways. Asuras were cheated, as per popular belief. The traditionalist answer this as a) The Asuras like Mahabali were not as good as it is said, b) They had a curse (a very convinenant answer) c) The best one in Bhagawata- Vishnu himself is the guardian of Sutala where Mahabali now reigns and is now paying for his Karma. May be, one day I will write about them

Parashurama did not build Kerala. He reclaimed Kerala as per the legend. Kerala had sunk along with Mahabali and Parashuram reclaimed it from the sea (or wilderness/ Mangrove forests using his axe- could be allegorical)

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