Goodreads asked Bev Baker:

Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

Bev Baker Has this ever happened to you? Let’s say you want to go to the gym for example. Suddenly all these voices pop up in your head giving you a hundred and one reasons why you shouldn’t go. It goes something like this:
“Go to the gym are you crazy?” Says one.
“Go on Monday, you always start things on Mondays” Says another.
“You don’t have the right gear” Yet another.
“You haven’t been to the gym for months. You’re going to make a fool of yourself” One more.
So you end up not going to the gym. Only to be ridiculed by the voices again.
“It’s too late to go to the gym…you are so lazy”
And so it goes on. These are the voices in your head. They are relentless. They comment on everything you say and do. How did they get there? Why are they there in the first place? How do they control your life?
My background is in psychology, I am a motivational speaker and trainer and everywhere I go I get asked “how do I get more confidence?” “How do I realise my potential?” “Why do I suffer from self-doubt?” So have studied what it is that holds us back. The answer is the negative voices in our heads. This negative internal dialogue talks us out of living the lives we want to.
I started to toy with the idea of what life would be like if we could control these voices in our heads. I call the voices ‘the housemates’. They occupying space and taking up your time. Rent free!
I found that my own discipline of psychology had limited answers. So I looked at other concepts and theories. It was when I visited quantum physics that the answers came. When I put forward the big questions that we all have about ourselves and answered them with the precision of quantum physics, things fell into place. I used Einstein ideas around energy and what we understand about reality to explain what goes on in our heads. Sometimes it isn’t pretty, but minds as well as bodies need exercising, detoxing and nourishment.
Synergy is when all parts of something works together. What would your life be like if your mind worked as efficiently as Einstein?
In this book I wanted to get into it. I didn’t want to talk ‘around’ a topic or point out the obvious. I have had over 20 years out there in the field and I devised the ‘Mind Synergy’ program. It is a 21 day program to detox the mind of the negative voices and to replace them with positive ones. These positives guys are confidence, self-esteem and emotional intelligence, to name a few. I show you how to install them. The funny thing about it and I have been told his by my readers is that you will feel the shift in your mind power as soon as you start reading because it follows the universal laws of physics and nature of which you are apart.
I guarantee that you will get ‘aha’ moment when you read this book. If not, come and talk to me.

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