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Alice Boccia asked:

I am a little confused about the ending. I think the book was well written, and the author is extremely intelligent, but at times I feel the book could been cut in half. Is the ending just telling you what led up to everything that happened and why it happened? I already knew all this. Am I missing something in the ending I should know about?

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Lakshmi I think the ending helps explains Gauri's ambivalence towards both Udayan and Subhash. While she really loved Udayan, she is unable to live completely only with his love when she realises how deeply he had manipulated her and everyone around. While she respects Subhash, she is unable to live with him in the full knowledge of what Udayan had done and maintaining to him the facade of her complete love and the image of Udayan as an idealist revolutionary.

While the book did seem a tad long, it may be because I was unsure what the perspective of Bijoli added to the narrative. It is at the end the story of Gauri, Udayan and Subhash. Bela was important because she bore the consequences of all their decisions.

Bijoli is the one character that left me under whelmed.
Alexandra Seeley
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Amala The end of the book is the denouement to the plot. It satisfies the curiosity of the reader as to what was Udayan thinking during those events which changed the life of the characters forever. It also gives closure to the story by giving us the final meeting and a glimpse into the future lives of the characters.
Rrshively I thought the ending gave another view as to why Gaudi was so embittered. Udayan sees in her eyes that she is not only sad to see him killed, but that she feels he has betrayed her by involving her in his activities.
Apoorva Mittal Alice, the book is a story told from different perspectives of different characters, We live through the tales of four generations- generation of Bijoli, Udayan and Subhash's generation, Bela's generation and the little glimpse into the present generation through Meghna. The end marks the cycle complete by making Udayan the narrator and coming to the point where it all started with the two brothers going to play in the Tolly Club. The book had diverted on another path with Subhash being the narrator but found its way back.
Amit Hey Alice, I just completed reading the book and would like to share my opinion about the question you asked.
Yes the ending felt a little bit incomplete but if we think about it the book was always more about the journey of those characters rather than what happened and why happened.
Isabella Campanile Agree. The book is predictable and neglects the characters for the sake of the flowers, the ocean, the waves etc etc
Nancy I think the ending is yet another perspective on the same event. And important to bring Udayan back to the forefront, as catlyst. A bit disappointing because the political was less interesting than the personal. But still compelling
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Rosa Sealy I completely agree! The book felt like it ended but i still had over 100 pages to go. You didn't miss anything, it was a good story that went on too long.
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