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I didn't like The Way of Shadows because I felt the writing was immature and the plot badly developed. Do you think that I will like this book? Does Weeks show improvement between this series and the Night Angel Trilogy?

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Bodi Yuhico I hated the Way of Shadows: especially because of it's immaturity, it's characters' immaturity, the treatment of women, the inconsistent magic system and the way most of the plot seems to have been made up as it went along.

The Lightbringer series shows just exactly how Weeks has progressed as a writer. ALL the things I hated in Way of Shadows have been resolved. It's an incredibly well-thought out series, kind of reminiscent to Brandon Sanderson.
Whitney Evans I have read both series and I loved the Lightbringer Series quite a bit more. The plot felt incredibly well thought out because of how complex it was and the ending of the 3rd book is, hands down, the best ending I've ever experienced in any series I've ever read. It was genius... Even now when I think about reading the very end of book 3, I shiver at how perfect it was... I didn't see it coming, but after reading it, it was genius.
Hendrik I find it very interesting that a lot of you seem to like the Lightbringer series quite a bit more than the Nightangel series. I've read only The Black Prism from the Lightbringer series but the whole Nightangel series and I have to say I prefer the latter. I enjoyed the dark and unforgiving world of the Nightangel series way more than the - in my mind - pretty bland one of the Lightbringer. I feel the Nightangel is - for the most part - more mature than the Lightbringer. I'll give you a few examples: the constant commenting on how fat Kip is, Kip is 15 years old and behaving like one - eg. constantly staring at women's breasts, the depiction of Kerris's period, the elite warrior Kerris fighting the final battle in a silk dress through which you can see her nipples, violence seems to have no consequence at all - for example on Kip who sees his entire village slaughtered. All of this really bothered me, I didn't feel like the book was even written by the same author. I think is was actually a step back from the Nightangel series. I'll admit of course that the Nightangel series is not perfect either (eg. the depiction of women like Elene and Vi; a lot of aspects of the world eg. geography, history, political structure are never really explained; as is common in fantasy works towards the end the inner logic of the world suffers because the power structure of the magic system spirals out of control because the power of all characters has to rise throughout the series) and the Lightbringer series has some things going for it (eg. the color magic system has some interesting aspects to it), but over all I found writing, world and plot of the Nightangel series more intriguing and convincing.
Alex Savenko Actually, I do not understand the hate towards the Night Angel trilogy. It had a unique touch and it was not boring for me. I enjoyed it.

In the third book though there was so much going on that I couldn't wrap my head around it. There were some time gaps that should have been cleared. But, otherwise, no complaints.
Hamish Keddie DNF Lightbringer series. Magic system confusing and "drafting"??? The reader is expected to pick up in the first 30 or so pages all these terms for magic and other stuff Weeks throws in there and you are lost with no glossary. Anyone can bend color? A wight? Classic example of a publisher taking a punt on a weak writer and not understanding actual Magic, good writing without terms and flowering sentences - and where do you go with an omnipotent protagonist and a "bastard" son who is fat? Ugg
Christina The Lightbringer series is one of my favourites series EVER, it has everything you need plus amazing writing. I tried to read the Way of Shadows and think it was rather bad... I finished it but I don't think I'll read the rest of the series.
Andrew Lightbringer is the shit.
Nikhil More i have more or less, similar opinion about way of shadows.., there were lots of things which went unexplained..and it got boring after first book.
i like this series a lot more, i am on second book(just started yesterday),
first book isnt as good as first so far (150 pages) but i feel like it will change soon.
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