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Is this Nicolas Flamel the same guy in HP?

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Matt Yes and no. To start with, you have to know that Nicholas Flamel was a real person. Flamel was a book seller in 15th century France and it is legend that he actually discovered the codex, a legendary book that contained the most coveted secrets of alchemy, one of them being how to create the philosephers stone, which is sometimes called the sorcerers stone and does NOT produce the elixir of life: it actually turns any object it touches into gold. the recipe to the elixir of life was also rumored to be in the codex. I should also mention Perenelle was actually Flamels wife in real life too. But I digress. The Flamels in both the Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel series and Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone (originally the philosopher's stone) are not the same person, which would connect the series. However, both Flamels are based off the same person who actually existed. FUN FACT: Michael Scott, author of the book of which we speak, actually wrote a book analyzing the sorcerers stone. He then expanded on the concept of Nicholas Flamel actually living forever and wrote his own series.
Dean First off, I want to say thatI haven't read this at yet but I am positive they are referring to the same person but I believe that both series have their own 'canon', not that you actually hear much about him in HP as far as I can recall. Hope this helps ;)

Maybe... as far as I know (hello potterheads), people from the Wizarding World have wands, and they don't perform magic with their hands, so no, i don't think this Nicolas Flamel is from HP, and also, I would imagine the HP nick flamel to be staying in Europe somewhere, not san fransisco.
Muhammad Irianto I think it's referring to one Nicholas Flamel that found the elixir of life. because in the page 498 of this book written that Nicholas Flamel found two biggest secret in alchemy: how to create philosopher's stone, and create imortality. that's my opinion.
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Dia Agrawal a kind of yes
Rachel Goit Yes, however he IS NOT a character of J.K. Rowling. Nicholas Flamel was featured in legends long before the world of harry potter came into play. However, Rowling did get many of the details right, at least to my understanding, so the version in Harry Potter was at least somewhat accurate.
B5MoPar Yeah, the sorcerer's stone he had or something. Harry was looking for a book about him in the Sorcerer's Stone
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