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Did anyone else notice that the character Mabel from the Accidental Vampire, is now Hazel in the Immortal Who Loved Me? She got the name of one of her characters wrong through out the entire book, and not a single editor caught it. This is a big sign to me that maybe the author (or editor, or publisher) doesn't care anymore. Does anyone else think its time to end this series?

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Tabitha I don't think it was that. When you have a series this large with so many different characters it can be difficult to keep track of everything and one. Now... I noticed in a couple other series the wrong name was used. Like, Lady is the Vamp. The part where Paul was playing soccer with the boys. She was saying Christian for a while but then I believe if I remember right... it changed to Thomas. Then another time she meant Thomas and it said Tomasso instead. Minor mess ups.

Now, the switch in DJ's life mate name did catch my eye and I was confused... the whole time I was reading the book and saw "Hazel" my mind automatically substituted Mabel... but I was hard pressed not to grab a pen and white out to edit the spots to switch the names. That isn't my right however, even if I purchased it, so I kept subconsciously switching the names in my mind. Now... I think it was just a mistake. No one is perfect even if some may pretend to be, slip ups happen.

If the author "didn't care anymore" as you put it I believe she'd simple stop or find a way to wrap things up. However, she was able to get an extension for the series, a guarantee to release more books to the series. Avon didn't have to do that. They could've said no. Lynsay Sands could've not tried for more books if she really "doesn't care anymore" however since she got an extension it leads one to believe she does care and I personally still love her books even if there are minor things wrong in the text. I'm not here to be a critic. I am just a huge fan of her books going as far as to re-read her series from start to finish again once a new book is released like... I'm back on The Immortal Who Loved Me after reading it the first time exactly a month ago. Sure, I had some breaks for movies and personal life but I love her books to the extent I re-read the whole series to build up even more hype for the next book and to help satisfy my cravings for her books until the next one is in my hands.

If you are put off by small things like that... well, it's up to you should you wish to continue the series. No one is perfect, even with going through something with a fine tooth comb there'll still be something that we'll catch... we're all human. Consider it this way if it helps, this could've been a test for us fans to see if we'd notice or if we've all forgotten The Accidental Vampire by the time we read this one. I can guarantee that I didn't and, well, obviously you didn't miss it either. There are most definitely others who noticed as well however rather than attempting to complain about the matter since what's done is already done and there's no real back tracking to fix it at this point you should first try what she does. See if you can keep things straight.
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