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Is this book appropriate for young teens? I have not read it yet.

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Alesha Writing as a somewhat sheltering and traditional mom, I would say the series is more appropriate for 15 year-olds, but the first book "Ruby Red" would be appropriate for a 13 year-old. The other two books have content that is a bit more mature. The series is adventurous and delightful; I loved reading it a couple of times. Here is a description of the content that worried me for my daughters:

Ruby Red: light language; short violence in a sword fighting scene (in self defense) including the heroine stabbing someone and seeing another dead body; mention of the heroine wearing a tight shirt and short skirt because she is wearing her too small school uniform, and one kissing scene.

Sapphire Blue: light language; talk of low-necklines (in the context of décolletage in 18th century dresses); a mild groping scene in the 18th century; heavy kissing on a couch; a surface-level discussion of sex with the heroine and her grandfather (the essence being that sex is now common); a scene where the heroine unknowingly drinks spiked punch, gets drunk, and then behaves foolishly; and talk of a more mature and loose women being told to share her sexual "experience" with the hero.

Emerald Green: light language, some violence in the context of sword fighting, blood, and shooting; heavy kissing; the heroine and her best friend talking about the heroine wanting to "spending the night" with her boyfriend...but it never happens; a teenage party scene where the attendees are mostly drunk (thanks to someone secretly spiking the punch) and then the drunk teens doing foolish things such as making out and singing karaoke on a table; and lastly, there is a scene where the heroine is almost forced to take drugs by the villainous sidekick, but doesn't.

Throughout the series the heroine is sometimes belittled and dismissed by men and some family members. However, other characters rally around her, help her, and demonstrate their love for her. Women were not taken seriously throughout history and this is a theme throughout the series. So the belittling did not bother me, especially considering the ending.
Georgia yes, definitely
Kassandra Yes, this book is definitely appropriate for young teens. Although adults may enjoy the concept of the book as well.
Book Seeker No. There's a lot of sexism and the females are all treated badly. Nothing is done about it to say how this is an unacceptable way to treat and think about females. I'd only allow mature teens to read it.

She does end up killing someone with a sword.
Elizabeth The book doesn't deal with any concepts or material which would be generally considered inappropriate for even readers age 9 or 10 who have an appropriate reading level, but rest assured it is a compelling narrative suitable for even adult readers.
Lara Steinke It's a lot sweeter and more innocent than many books that are out there for teens!
Wolfie Smoke There's a little bad language in it and there's a little violence but I think I would be fine letting a teen read this.
Sara ♥ Yep. A tiny bit of kissing, but even that was like, "Oh my gosh! He's kissing me!" and not very descriptive.... haha! :) SO CUTE! I'm an adult though, and LOVE the series, too!
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