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I'm really intrigued by the premise, but wondering what age group this would be appropriate for. I typically stick to YA, what is it about this book that is 'adult'?

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denise I agree with the previous posters. I wouldn't put it in the YA category simply due to the context. It's about being an adult in an adult world and working for a living, plus the "horror" part off Horrorstor is pretty blunt. This doesn't mean that young adults shouldn't read it, I don't think it's too disturbing or too sexual, it just doesn't fit into that genre.
Ana No, not at all, but you probably won't be able to relate if you're under 21.
NekroRider Not a YA book but I don't see any reason why high school age teenagers shouldn't read it. I could easily see myself reading this as a teenager as I enjoyed horror back then. So yeah, if you do enjoy horror then I'd say read it. It does get a bit gory and if you're one of those people that gets offended by swearing then you might be bothered by that, but in general I'd say if you enjoy horror and don't mind a bit of gore then go for it.

The other thing though is that a lot of the humour is based on making fun of corporate retail culture, so how much you understand/enjoy the humour could also depend if you've ever worked a retail job. Plenty of 16+ teenagers have worked those kinds of jobs, so I would say that part is less age-dependent and more experience-dependent.
Krisz I guess over 16 it's OK.
L. It's not really a YA book. I think it should be considered an adult book purely because of it's references to things like sex. Plus, a lot of the horror in the second half of the book can be considered disturbing and gory to the younger generation. It's also about being an adult in the first half - unable to pay bills, the terrible thing that is working in retail and doing whatever you can to keep your job. It's a good book, though, I think you should give it a try even if you can't understand some of the things mentioned in the book
Sandra Well, I didn't mind at all. I wouldn't consider it a YA novel at all, but only for people above 21? I don't think so either. The characters are a bit (or a lot) older than the people in YA novels and it has some scary elements, but besides that, I enjoyed the book, even though I stick to YA most of the times as well.
Morgan It doesn't really fit the YA genre, but if you're old enough to work a shitty retail job you're old enough to "get" this book.
B. This is NOT a YA book. In terms of descriptions in the book, think more along the lines of the flashbacks in Stir of Echoes. Some teens or people reading at YA level may like it, but the sex, death, and gore place this straight in the adult category.
Lilith The only thing that really constrains the YA genre is language, PG-13 content, and the "technical" difficulty of the prose. If you think the premise seems interesting, you should give it a try. It's 13 bucks, and you might find it opening up a whole genre for you. Plus, the diagrams give a great aesthetic to the book overall which might be enjoyable, even if you can't "relate" to the characters. Characters can be way more interesting when they have nill in common with the reader. If you want to get spooked out, give it a shot!
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