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Who else was annoyed by Colin?

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Raleigh Rand Colin was annoying but started to become endearing. I loved it when Hassan told him how selfish he was then later decided that he (Hassan) was the selfish one. He was right on both accounts. Colin really wants to be normal. Not really a genius or a prodigy. He just wants to be normal. We know this because he follows Hassan's cues as to what to how to act normal. Hassan tells him this is the way to act and no, never say that. So Colin is happy to follow the guidelines. He wants guidelines, as opposed to what his father wants and that is for Colin to be more than he ever was, and to be a genius. Colin is trying hard to live up to his father's expectations. The roadtrip ends up being wonderful for him because he finally finds himself. Away from his hovering, over-expectant parents.
Miles I think John Green was shooting for realism and thus created a realistically annoying character.
Nicole Colin was one of my least favorite characters, ever.
Bill Shubert Couldn't stand him. Not just because he was a whiny jerk, but because he wasn't a believable whiny jerk. Yuck.
Jaelynn You obviously don't understand Aspergers, which Colin clearly had. Sorry you found him annoying, but it's hard for people with ASD/Aspergers to be "normal" and not annoy people. I found him very refreshing, because not every single main character needs to be pretend "normal".
Pamela The whole Katharine thing was a bit annoying (and stupid because who ONLY meets Katherines? And who would go out with Colin?), but I didn't find him to be terribly annoying. I could kind of see how there would be a Colin somewhere that was worried that he 'wouldn't matter'. I could see where he was coming from... although he was a prodigy, he wasn't a genius, and that was somewhat worrying. His theorem was a way that he could try to make a difference by creating instead of just learning.
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Dan I just started reading this, and it's my first John Green book. I'm about 20 pages in and I already want to punch this kid in the face. He's obnoxious and irritating. His obsession with the name alone is like nails on chalk board, and I'm finding it very hard to take this book seriously.
Victoria Carrera I honestly could not listen to another blab from this character. I was truly disappointed with the character building in this John Green novel.
Christy Petersen Holloway Mostly, I liked him....sometimes his need to be loved came off as a bit clingy, but overall, I thought the character was fine. I did find it more surprising that a 17 year old boy wanted to be in a relationship sooooo badly.
Becca OMG, I HATED him.
Hayley Me. I did not like his character at all. ugh.
Enzo Cuglietta I didn't find him annoying but more of a nuisance
Naznin Colin being slightly annoying is the whole point! I do have friends like Colin but I like them for who they are. Now, what do we see in every book is that making the main character look exalted or something. This is somewhat refreshing to see that the main character is not that heroic and it's alright.
Betina Ugh, I hate Colin
Gabriella Moessner John Green typically does a great job creating very relatable and likeable characters, but Colin is 100% my least favorite character of all of his books and I'm only about 60 pages in. I understand his frustration with the constant breakups and no longer being a prodigy, but the way he makes the world revolve around only him and his troubles becomes repetitious. Also, how has he only dated girls named Katherine? Doesn't that sound a bit ridiculous?
Azran I can relate to you , but I can also relate to Colin , so I guess I am annoying and I annoy myself.
Alex I think EVERYONE was annoyed by Colin!!!
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