Usman Chohan
Usman Chohan asked:

I have a hypothesis: I suspect that Goodreads is a Mecca for INTPs, INFPs, and ENFPs. Would you tend to agree with this assertion?

Megan Henshaw Well, for the most part I would agree, but I am an INFJ and so is a friend of mine so I would have to add "INFJ" to the list.
Dellana hahaha an INTJ here, and think the same too
Jennifer ENTJ here. Very happy to see that personality type doesn't affect people's desires to read. There's hope for humanity! ;-)

It seems rather one's type correlates more with WHAT people read, instead of IF they actually read.
John Fast becoming a Goodreads fan and I'm an INFP.
Beckss I'm an ISFJ so I would like to disagree lol.
Mitchell I'm ENFP. My closest friend who actively uses goodreads is INTP. Our types seem to complement each other in various artistic aspects as well as intellectual play. I also believe that "N" types are more likely to read for pleasure, as they live in the realm of ideas vs. the concrete realm of the senses.
Lillie I'm a ESFJ and a real Goodreads fan.
Rominatata INFJ here who frequents Goodreads more than the local supermarket
Nguyễn Chí Thanh Haha, I am an INFP :)
Lisette Could be true... INFP here ;).
Kelly You might be right!

And in general I think that the INFPs tend to read fiction whereas INTx's read nonfiction. The INTJ's read self-improvement, how-to's (especially how to start a business or earn more money..) whereas INTP's read a bunch of "useless" things which interest them.

(No hate toward the INTP's! I am an INTP too)
Usman Chohan It honestly makes me really happy that so many people responded here. Thank you!
Yeseul Shin ooh I'm an INFP!
Marina hahah as an ENFP I totally agree :)
Jess I'm an ENTP and an avid Goodreads user.
Austin Spiller ENFP, I don't think it's as simple as that, but definitely on to something.
Jesus haha, INTP. Must agree with this.
Peter Geyer Well, I'm an INTP, but I can't see that the site is actually structured for me at all, or any other P if it comes to that, so we must be here for other reasons. I'm enjoying being here, nonetheless here are some issues – lots of detail, encouragement to list everything and report progress, no category for books that you look at for reference and nothing else, so don't actually read them. Of course you can ignore all that, including the rating system (it means different things on different books for me. I'm here because friends asked me to and I eventually decided to do it. Still loading up what I've read or have but haven't.


Allie Robinson I'm an ENFP. ;)
Katie Anderson I am a Goodreads addicted INTP :)
Krissy INTP here - I think you're on to something!
Sarah Kent INFJ here. I reckon there's a lot of us too!
Kelly INFJ and love goodreads :) I love romance novels especially - always have a happy ending (my fave) self-help, technical books and sometimes fantasy, mystery or sci-fi fiction. I mostly use goodreads to track books in series so I don't forget what I've already read - and the library extension in chrome also makes it easy to see if it is available to borrow - so I guess I use goodreads to keep me organized and occasionally recommend something new (but not all that often).
Brad Franklin I can't contradict that assertion. I'm ENTP, but my T/F is nearly even, unlike my others...
Neilesha Dedier A fan of goodreads and also an INFP
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