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Chris Bateman What about border line personality disorder? The intense anger, lack of impulse control, unstable relationships...
The person who initially discovered the condition was Adolph Stern (German sounding name). There is no genetic testing to determine it and meds do help manage the disorder.
There's a genetic component. It usually starts to emerge in adolescent. It may fit considering his son's behaviour as well.
Little The author claims he made the disorder up. So it's not actually a real thing, just inspired by ideas about real things.
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Joanne I have a family member with Aspergers and people with it don't seem violent. The gene that can be detected from tests is what I have heard refered to as the "murderer gene". This storyline appeared in the novel "Defending Jacob" Gene was passed from father to son.
Lindsey He definitely hints that it's asperger's, saying it sounds like a german name. But there are no tests for asperger's and certainly it couldn't be detected through amniocentesis, and really there aren't medications for it although I suppose aspects of it could be treated with medication.

Having said that, I don't think any mental illness out there can be detected in the way described in the book, but hey, it's non-fiction so not everything can be accurate I guess.
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Monica Not sure if people are still reading this thread but I think it's at least based on Brunner syndrome or the MAOA gene/warrior gene. There's an older answer on here that says something similar too.

This page notes that the "genetic defect" was observed in many members of the same Dutch family as well.
Phyllis Meredith It seems people think he is alluding to Asperger Syndrome. He said he made the condition up, but many readers seem to think it is Asperger Syndrome. I would suggest the author do a little research into autism before he spreads harmful stereotypes around. https://www.autismspeaks.org/types-au...

Asperger’s and Violence
Indeed, psychologists and psychiatrists agree that people with autism or Asperger’s are not more likely to commit violent crimes than members of the general population, but they say in very rare cases, it can happen.

Also, there has not been proven genetic testing or genetic components proved for any of the autism spectrum disorders. There is no medication specifically given to people on the autism spectrum.
Sarah I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be Tourette's. It's French but all the symptoms match up, along with saying he was a neurologist. The character could have confused the name.
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