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What was your favorite section? Least favorite?

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Samantha My favorite section was "An orison of Sonmi-451" (part 1). The future world David Mitchell created was so intriguing, and as a sociologist I felt it really had depth and a lot of interesting (and frighteningly plausible) ideas. I also really enjoyed "Sloosha's crossin' an' ev'rythin' after". Once I got a feel for the unique way it was written, I felt a connection to the characters unlike all of the other sections of the book.
My least favorite was "The ghastly ordeal of Timothy Cavendish". I just kept thinking "God, what a grumpy old man." I couldn't relate or feel any empathy at all with his character.
Beatrice My favorite one was Frobisher's: I fell in love with his selfish, cunning narrator and I loved the music metaphors. I didn't like at all the Slosha's section and Cavendish was too grumpy for me.
Freddie Bates Sloosha's Crossing and Beyond presents a challenge unprecedented in any other work I have read. But the feeling of achievement and intrigue I felt at the end left me breathless.
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Chinchudo My favourite character is Timothy Cavendish (and that one out-of-place name-drop in Sonmi‘s orison is hilarious!), but I realize that many readers on goodreads seem to think his ordeal is the weakest part of the book…

Adam Ewing‘s and Robert Frobisher‘s stories and the two parts set in distant futures are also interesting in their own ways, and Mitchell‘s craft in writing them is worthy of praise. I think the Frobisher story is my personal number two, although it could take top spot depending on what mood I‘m in on any given day.

To me, the Luisa Rey story is the weakest part of the book: it does indeed feel too much like the script for an action movie (as Mitchell postmodernly addresses elsewhere in the book), there’s not enough humour, it features the least interesting characters, and the constant twists and surprises (?) suffer from ever more diminishing returns. Although it is set in 1970s‘ California, during reading it felt less real to me than Zachry‘s story in postapocalyptic „Ha-Why“. I do get that this part is a spoof of certain genre literature, but I still was impatient for it to end.
Mike The first and the last stories are the best in my mind. I also like the Sonmi-451 ("chapter" 5). I didn't like the second one at all. 3 and 4 were ok - 3 better than 4. (Somewhat surprisingly I liked 3 a lot better in the movie version, probably because the actor they used for the old guy was so good).
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