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Why do you think Nick Carraway is so attached to Jay Gatsby? Is it just admiration and true friendship or something else?

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Chris Gatsby keeps Nick on his toes. I think Nick has always search for a companion, just as Gatsby has searched for a companion. They are two lonely individuals looking for a place in the world.
Destiny Guerra In the beginning of the novel, both Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby were in their two complete different worlds. When first meeting the mysterious Gatsby, Nick did not have a full understanding of what was going on, but by the end of the novel Nick became one of the most impacted by his demise. What happened? I do not look at the relationship between the two admiration but more of true friendship. I feel as if Nick sees himself in Gatsby. The true Gatsby I should say. Nick sees the loneliness in Gatsby and can relate to that on a major level. Although Nick did not fully agree on most of the things Gatsby has done but he can understood why he was doing each of his actions. This is what brought them close to each other.
Eva I found Nick and Gatsby to both be lonesome characters. Sure, Gatsby knew plenty of people but he didn't necesarrily have anyone. Although Nick didn't have any "ex-lover" we know of and nothing was really said about him having any family or any friends, he was pretty much alone too living in a small house next to Gatsby's mansion. I didn't find Nick's attachment to Gatby admiration, only because throughout the novel he had judged Gatby's actions and obsession with Daisy. I found Nick's attachment to Gatby possibly a result of Nick feeling as if they can both relate to that feeling of lonlieness. But, througout the novel, Nick was a very nosey character, which can also add to his reasoning for why he was attached to Gatsby. He was nosey for his way of living, actions, and money.
Ali Well I think Nick is so attached to Gatsby not that much because of loneliness but I think Nick was a great idealist and perfectionist in an age of profanity and excess. Nick claimed in the beginning that he wouldn't judge people but after going through so many lives and meeting people with so much imperfections he finally got tired of people. Loneliness is in fact, the result of such idealism. After going through so many people he finally saw only one perfect soul worthy of true friendship THE GREAT GATSBY.
Daniel Alonso He lived in a world where the American man began to feel truly alone and dissapointed of society, as a consequence of leaving religion. In his frustrated search for true friendship, he consolidates in the trench of war. A phenomenon that will be common from now on. Gatzby's best friends are and will be veteran soldiers.
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