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Harry Potter fanatics, how do the Bartimaeus books compare?

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Kay I don't think they are similar at all. The writing style is totally different and with alternating points of view. The underlying themes are also very different. They are both amazing series but different in their own right.
Twitios Similar in the type of story, different in the telling. I highly recommend reading the Bartimaeus books if you dig Harry Potter. Its a different take on magic and the characters are thoroughly entertaining. The dialogue is witty and the story is engaging. The development of the magical world is not as thorough as in Harry Potter, and the number of characters that you grow to love is smaller.
Guillaume Charmetant Harry Potter was the first not so short book I read alone. But the Bartimaeus books may be my favourite books ever : first place is a tough battle between Bartimaeus and The Farseer Trilogy.

I found Bart's universe more consistent than Harry's. But Harry's has this light, funny feeling which gives it some inexplicably satisfactory sensation.

In my opinion, the Bartimaeus storyline is much more interesting, it is not the usual tale of the Good vs. the Evil. It tells about human weaknesses, the corruption of power and the rise and fall of societies.
It may sound serious but the hero's personality and imperfections makes it a good laugh, really.

I was a bit sceptical when they announced an additional book after the initial trilogy. Now that I have read it (multiple times), I hope there will be a lot more. I want to meet with Bartimaeus again, and I want to hear all about his (not so) glorious history.
Anangsha Alammyan After I finished Harry Potter, I was sure no other book would come even close.
But Stroud changed my point of view.

No, they are not similar as far as storyline, characterization and circumstances are considered, but if you liked HP, you'd like Barty better!
Deryk Allan No comparison with Harry Potter at all, different stories, different characters, different type of magic, no wizarding school, please people stop comparing this to the potter books, there is no similarity between them.
Mars You know how the Potter crew grows, and develops, and has actual likable characters and teaching moments? Yeah, none of that here.
Avaminn F'nett In my opinion, it's not even close to as good as Harry Potter, but that's just because I didn't like the writing style much. A lot of other people really like it, though.
Katie Although there are many differences, Potter fans will appreciate the rich magical world set in modern day England and drawing from ancient beliefs of djinn and talismans.
Frogotron Different writing style, better storyline and much funnier.
Lemur they're completely different! i remember Harry Potter mania was still at fever pitch when this book came any comparison made between the two in old blurbs was probably little more than a marketing ploy.
Jared White After rereading the Harry Potter series for the third time (I've read a couple of the books more), I've decided a major reason I like the series is that there's so many characters you feel connected to by the end of the series (particularly Luna, Neville, and Lupin for me but so many others too). This series is not like that and I agree with those who say they aren't really similar at all (though I did like them). One of the series that's similar in these terms of getting to know and love secondary characters is Lockwood & Co (also by Stroud). The Magisterium Series by Black and Clare have come closest to reminding me of the Harry Potter series but I haven't liked them nearly as much (partly because you don't really get to know any of the secondary characters very well).
Cece This was slower for me, but there is more humor, I think Harry Potter being a 9-10 this book a 7-10.
Mr Shroom any book is better than that potter drivel
Andy Liu Great book.10 out of 10
Nageen Of course not! Harry Potter is masterpiece, none written before it, none after. However this is interesting, its well written, I am only on page 43 but it is nicely done so far.
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