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how can jacob just marry bella's daughther? he's like an uncle to her! ew!

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Lora Swafford He imprinted on her. Which he has no control over, that's why he loved bella so much. All of this made sense to him once Bella had Renesmee. When you imprint on someone, it's not as much as a falling in love, as it is wanting to be with that person forever, and wanting to protect them and make sure they are safe. And it's not "EW" he isn't going to do anything until she is A LOT older. He will be like an older brother to her until she is older.
TeesPOV I'm sure he isn't necessarily happy about it all but from what I read, you can't choose who you imprint on, it just happens.
Regina The book explains that Jacob will be anything she needs, like a brother, teacher, friend and then eventually lover (when she's old enough).
Patty it reminds me of how sam loved Leah, but then when he meets leahs cousin, he imprints on her.
Elf Jacob is like Quil. he's going to be like Brother tell she's old
Lys Velez He's technically not Renesmee's uncle. He's not Bella's brother. Remember? They were 'lovers'. If you can even call it that.
Alexis Because, according to Meyer's backward-logic, "Jacob will be whatever she needs." Essentially, Meyer is setting Jacob up for grooming Nessie into becoming his soulmate. Just disgusting and DISTURBING!!! My question for Meyer is, "What kind of backward-logic are you using to make all of this okay, and calling it a love story?"
Alison It's not technically incestuous as they aren't related, and it's not technically paedophilia as it's explicitly written that he has no sexual interest in her while she's a minor. However, the way we're biologically primed to avoid incest is by feeling disgust at the idea of sexual relations with people we grew up with (at least, according to Jonathan Haidt in The Happiness Hypothesis). Hence, I think it's only natural to feel discomfort at the idea of this particular relationship. Besides that, people have noted that this can be seen as "grooming", i.e. establishing a friendship with a minor with the intention of making them more pliable to sexual demands.

Just one last point - "imprinting" being out of Jacob's control is in no way a justification for the morality of this relationship. Recall for instance that paedophilia is a mental illness and that people with this disorder have no control over their sexual attraction to children - but full control over how they decide to act on those feelings.
Emma Because SM likes pedophilia.
TheWolfChanger First of all, can I remind you that Quil imprinted with Emily's 2-year-old niece? Jacob doesn't have to marry Renesmee, only if she wants him to. Imprinting means that you would do anything to make her happy. If Renesmee wants him just as a friend, which I'd doubt that, then he would be the best's friend that she could have.
Cyrah He is not Nessie's uncle, and maybe she won't marry him! Jacob cannot control his imprinting, otherwise Nessie would be dead.
Elena He is like an uncle so I was like questioning myself why would the y let this happen.
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