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did anyone find i t boring and hard to follow?

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Rose Eckman I had a hard time at first until I realized the beginning of each chapter has a symbol for the character who narrates the chapter. Once you know which character is speaking you can understand, and, imho fall in love with Leo Gursky. I am so in love with this character and this book. Bought it to give to my friends as well. Just thinking, been awhile since I read it, maybe time to read it for the third time.
Rachel Heaton It was beautiful….felt a little lost in parts, but, told myself to have faith, enjoy the lyrical prose, and it all wove together beautifully in the end
Kristi Priestley I agree, I thought it was a bit disjointed! I was also expecting more from the ending...it wasn't as spectacular as it had been hyped to be, in my opinion.
Mary D It was incredible. The Great House isn't as good as this one. This is one of my all time favorite book. It is complex but so touching. I love her and her husband's (Jonathan Safran Foer) writing.
Julia I am not sure I would call it boring because it is an interesting story. But I do consider it VERY hard to follow. I literary had to go online and read about it to understand what was going on. Still the author has a way with words and I am wondering if she wanted the reader to be lost so that the more you read the more you learned and would understand the book.
Rima No, this book is amazing IMHO
Nanou I had to read it twice to understand the full story, but it's a wonderful book.
Jeanne Norberg Yes. I stopped half way.
Tasha I'm reading it now and finding it hard to follow the who all the characters are and how they relate to each other. I'm hoping that I understand it all at the end. I actually came here to read the reviews to see if anyone else was as confused as me.
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Carole Solatka Not boring, definitely confusing but Leo Gursky had me hanging in there til the end. George Guidall is amazing!
Bridgette Hoshont'omba At the beginning, sure, but this is one of those books that you have to really follow - like a film, that you need to pay attention to instead of trying to text half of the time, you know? At first I thought it was kind of lame but then it just kept getting better. Push through it! It's worth it (:
Annie In the beginning, yes, but it was soooo worth the read in the end
Big Huge I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is having trouble with this book.
Diane Bonk Yes. I found it quite hard to follow. Haven't been able to finish it despite it being a short book, but will try again later
Suria Narayanan Yes..It was a bit lik that at the start but its worth it especially the end. The way everything interwines at the end is simply gud
Joanne Young I definitely found it hard to follow, even after reading an online summary. However, I loved the first chapter told from Leo's POV.
Parul Yes, Boring and sometimes a little confusing as well.
Wendy Greene Confusing and ultimately boring.
Marcia Very. Not a thing made any sense in the book. None of the characters were clearly defined, there was no plot whatsoever. Was not a big fan of this book, instead of answers, I was more confused at the end of the book and have no idea what happened.
Alexis Yes, it was terrible. The end kept me from feeling like it was the worst book I've ever read, but I was extremely disappointed and question how anyone could find it so amazing.
Robin Yes! I really hated this book. Such a disappointment!
Herman Yes, it is confusing and not just in the beginning. I read it till the end and wouldn't say it was boring, but it sure is not great. Probably hyped by good marketing.
Denise D'angelo Absolutely!! Glad to know I wasn't the only one who had a hard time following!!
Tabitha Newton I completely agree. I had to put it down. I guess I will try it again after reading all these comments.
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