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Danielle My thoughts are that it's probably because this way she got exactly what she wanted. To be remembered as a beautiful young woman. She was worried that in a few years she would be too old to model and then what? Now she's immortalized at the peak of her career.
Rosei Richards I honestly think Celeste deserved to be at the wedding
Amanda I know, right? What was the point of all that character development and turning her into a likeable character if Cass was just going to kill her off anyway? Not to mention it took like, two seconds to kill her off, and her death was pretty much forgotten about immediately and not brought up until the epilogue, where America was like, "Oh, it's sad that Celeste isn't here to see my wedding! I really miss her!" Which, once again, took all of two seconds.
miriam bloxenheim I totally agree she was the only strong-willed character
Mcmeki Yesss, me2 I had to read it over and over again. Al I could think was: What just happend?...... O.....NOOOO
Gini I thought she was the most interesting character in the Selection, I was so upset when she got killed off :( All the other characters were kind of boring, but we never knew what to expect from Celeste lol. She kept things interesting. I would have rather Elise gotten shot in the head or Kriss, I really didn't care much about either.
Danielle Well someone had to die... I'm not saying I'm happy it was Celeste. To be completely honest I feel like Kriss would've been better, simply because a pot plant could replace her. She was nice and all but was she anything to the plot other than a relationship barrier for America and Maxon?
They could've at least used her rebel heritage to make her more interesting! I feel like they just dropped that bombshell and after that you hear nothing about her and the books end! As for Celeste; I liked her as she was the only female character apart from maybe America's mother whos character development relied nothing on being with a man.
Penny I was SO MAD how they barely acknowledged her death!! I loved her in this book, and was so happy with the character development and major change of heart. All-in-all she was a very well-done character, but then they kill her off, and say nothing but an afterthought-"I really miss her." She deserved to be at that wedding as much as any of them did.
Madelyn I know, like she was just starting to get better, and developing even more. And I think Celeste and America would be perfect for helping each other with everything.
Samantha Irene Weglowski I feel the same. I wanted to die when Celeste died. I started to really love her at the end. Although it's probably bad that I've been pronouncing her name wrong throughout the entire series.
Victoria Gonzalez I know!!! I was starting to like her too!!!!
aisha I KNOW RIGHT! I'm so mad about it. Like if Kiera wanted to kill her, THEN DON'T GIVE HER CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! She deserved to be there for longer because of everything. And she turned out to be one of my favorite characters. Like she was the most interesting character and she had a lot more space more improvement and to become America's and Marlee's BFF. To be honest, I would've rather had Kriss shot in her head (I don't even like her that much) or even Elise (because she was irrelevant until the One) or Natalie (because I didn't even care about her even though I was sad for her sister)
Heidi yea, she should have lived -- to have her killed off so point blank leaves a lot of things un-addressed. at least have her death be a mystery for a bit so America has to deal with her feelings about it for a while.
Alvina Samdani wait she died?!?!
Kaylea Reyment
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Jessica I was starting to like her 2 and I felt sympathize for her. I would have liked it a bit more if she had just been sent home and married to a billionaire and had 8 kids or something
Jenmarzi I was starting to like her as well, it's just what authors do. Create a character you start to like then kill them off d:
Paula Schulze I know right! She became such a lovable character and I don’t think she should’ve died. Her death was pretty much glossed over and barely acknowledged. What made it even worse was when Celeste’s departure was showed from her point of view in ‘Happily Ever After’ the companion to the selection series. When Maxon eliminated her from the competition she started speaking about starting a new, better life and getting a new beginning once she leaves the palace, and then she never even got the chance to leave!
Hafsa Literally I never really hated Celeste, even when she was a bitch. When she and America connected I had never liked any of her friends more(sorry Marlee) and idk I just loved her so much. I was imagining her coming to her wedding and giving her advice throughout her reign and I was so damn excited to see her become what she wanted without a man at her side. And within a sentence she was just gone, like her character was amazing and the author didn't do her justice
lucia h. i really ended up liking her
Adele I agree with you, i don't understand why, i liked this character so much, and after she died she is forgotten too fast. I'm so annoyed by this, that i think i won't read others books of the author before a long time 😫
(sorry if my english is weird, it's not my native language ^^)
Jess Same. She and America were getting along. The wedding scene made me a tad bit sad and all I could think was; There were so many people who deserved to die, why Celeste? And just when she was getting to be good.
Kay I was also heartbroken. :(
I assumed it was just because some deaths are heartbreaking and for no reason. I wasn't sad at all that the King & Queen died, but I was SO sad that Celeste was killed. It wouldn't be much of a tragedy if only characters you don't care about died.
Jocelyn I actually missed that the first time I read it, and then when she made the comment about being sad Celeste couldn't be at her wedding, I was like :( I actually really started liking her at the end.
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