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Can they make a movie or a series of this book?

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Jason Wood I don't know why, but anytime I read one of Sanderson's novels, I picture it as an anime in my head ... because of the in-book art style maybe? I don't know but I've been begging for some japanime studio to pick up one of his books and turn it into an anime mini series.
Reader I know everyone says this but by the lord ruler I hope they stick to the book if they do.
Kerem "DMG Entertainment has made a licensing and film deal for the rights to Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere novels, according to Variety. The group is already fast-tracking an adaptation of the first volume of the Stormlight Archive fantasy epic: The Way of Kings."

"Although the Stormlight Archive books are first in line for adaptation and have already been assigned script writers, DMG is also seeking writers for an adaptation of the initial Mistborn novel The Final Empire."

W. W. Webb i can imagine it as a video game if anything... a movie or series would be way too hard being it as most of the conflict is internal. all of the main battle scenes would look ridiculous to the viewer.

but as a video game, it wouldn't have to tell stories as much? and i can just SEE the blue lines of iron pulling and steel pushing being fun... its almost as if Brandon Sanderson was inspired by video games in the way that magical powers deplete over time or use.
Matthew Irwin The magic system is too internal. On screen how are you to know if someone is burning the less obvious metals. Also the speed and jumps of the misting or mistborn characters - in my mind - would look as fake as they do in the twilight films and they dont seem to have solved this sped-up movement problem in recent films either.

But its not like a film or tv series is going to make the book worse...
Id be surprised if someone doesn't give it a go eventually.
Natalie Baker I'd love to see a TV miniseries! I think that would work better.
Jonti No movie. Never. There is absolutely no way they could include the intricacies that this book explores, nor the character development of... well... everyone. I completely agree in Giota Bourha in this being similar to GOT. It would be the next big thing.
Yeshourun I agree wholeheartedly with Aubry. Every time there was a fight scene, I was like, "yep, this is going to be a movie, someday." The whole pulling and pushing scenarios and the running through the misty night with the tassels of the mistcloak whipping the air, it's hard imagining it NOT becoming a movie. It would definitely be an epic movie, if produced and directed correctly. Unlike the Percy Jackson movies, which by all accounts, are awful - and do not follow the books at all.
Alaska I definitely would not be surprised. I felt like the fight scenes especially would catch Hollywoods eye.
I think whether or not it makes a GOOD movie would depend on who makes it, which is true about most books->movie
Adam Bisignano This would definitely be best as a cartoon or anime. The magic is way too weird and hard to show in live action. and could come out too much like a crouching tiger hidden dragon. Animated shows could easily pull it off. It can even give hints to which metal is being burned by flashing it on screen or something.... also would we really want to watch a live action show that resembles game of thrones if GoT only took place at the nights watch. Way to dreary for live action.
Ian Goodey There is a game in the works. Mistborn: Birthright. I think this might be the way to explore the vastness of the universe without having to restrict it to time limits.
Firiel Tindomerel From what I gather, the rights for a movie were sold in 2010, but went unused and expired in 2015. As many pointed out, a tv show would indeed be more fitting, and probably awesome \m/
Alex Judd Yes, the rights were just optioned for 270 million dollars.
Neelaksh Tayal If you check Brandon Sanderson's website, he has stated that he has sold the movie rights to someone... So I guess we can expect a movie of this book in the upcoming years.
Gary Is it just me or does anybody else think of Willa Holland as Vin?
Goodwin Lu movies wouldn't work IMO as well as shows. HBO could do a Game-of-Thrones style of Mistborn series. It would be the new trend, possibly even better than GoT that I just mentioned... (even though GoT is widely considered to be one of the best series ever made)
Lawrence Cerniglia I think they could do it, but there is a high chance of failure. It would take someone who could do an absolutely excellent job, similar to Peter Jackson and the Lord of the Rings. The movies were very long, including a high attention to detail.
Elias It's extremely cinematic and the Allomancy-based action would look marvelous. In the hands of a great, visceral director like Matthew Vaughn and with a big star like Tom Hiddleston as Kelsier, a Mistborn film could be extraordinary.
Samuel Kamau Yes they can. The CGI cost would scare HBO and Netflix away the whole magic system with metals would be expensive to pull off on TV there are Koloss armies and mistborn flying. the fight scenes are similar to those of the matrix how will they be portrayed on TV without a huge budget? HBO will try to make it like GOT and add boobs and gratutious sex after seeing what they did with season 5 of GOT i say screw em, give me a goddam movie. period.
kjusielvi What about a cartoon (I would use the word anime but some people would hate that). I don't know why but the book feel like the Avatar cartoon. Much more mature of course but still...
I think animation is more likely to do this book justice.
Anchit It could be a series of movies. The book has details but it isn't really that complex or has that many subplots to warrant a tv series. For ex the first couple of chapters, if that were a TV episode I would feel disappointed because there was not much thrill.
David Zampa According to the author's website, the Mistborn series option has sold before. Production never took off, however. The rights have since lapsed, and are now for sale again:
Michael I hate to say this out loud, but this would likely make a better movie than it was a book.
Giota Given the plot twists in this book it would make a mind-blowing series, but as they've said before it pendants on who'll make it. I'd love to see HBO pick it up. It could be as good as GOT, maybe even better because it has a more mysterious feel to it. In GOT event unfold in a linear fashion, but Mistborn is a mystery wrapped in a riddle cloaked in an enigma.
Anastasia A movie is currently in the works. Brandon Sanderson is doing some pre-writing. Like a script, but more like a pre-script right now. Though, from what I understand, the project is on backburner. So yes, there will be a movie! But probably not for another four or five years or so.
R. Everie I'm not sure it would make a great movie due to the amount of detail within and how much of the important stuff like magic use is invisible. I think it would make a great video game!
Hannah Brandon Sanderson is writing a screenplay for Mistborn so we will be seeing it in theaters one day!
Ky I know this question was asked forever ago, but in his 2020 creative writing lecture series at BYU he mentions around midway through lecture #5 that he’s currently working on a script for a film adaptation.
Alex Ball I dont think theres any question that this could make a good TV series, as with Game Of Thrones. It would need some adjustments, for example it wouldnt be enough for an allomancer to say that they were "burning copper", there would need to be some kind of visual cue that it was happening. Essentially though, it would just end up being quite similar to an period drama but set in a fantasy world. It could end up being a lot easier to follow than something like Game Of Thrones due to a vastly reduced cast, but the complexities of allomancy could be difficult to translate. If they get that right though, Id be very excited for a series.
Mary I feel like they won't be able to make such a complex novel into film.
James Gardner @Matthew Irwin - I disagree that this can't work as a TV series, and I don't think there's any power (at least in the first three books) that can't be translated to screen.

Seeking is explained in a visual format in the book (by lines going toward the metal). Smoking is invisible to the characters in the book, so it can stay invisible in a movie.

I always thought of the soothing or rioting of emotions as somewhat akin to a Jedi Mind Trick, which as we know can be pulled off successfully in a film medium. But 9/10 times an emotion is pushed or pulled in the book, the character it happens to doesn't notice until it's pointed out in expository dialogue anyway.

Without giving too much away about Atium, its effects are also described visually in the book.

As you said, the trick to the other 4 abilities is making them not look fake, but I think they could look beautiful if done right.
Don H.M There is a graphic audio of this, which has the entire book done by pro voice actors. The guy who plays Kelsier steals the show only with his voice. It captures what a tv series can't so grab your copy of the book, get the graphic audio version and read along. That's what i did and it was fricking awesome. The game Thief 2: The Metal Age is on par with Mistborn in terms of story and characters, Kelsier is basically Garrett from thief before he lost Mare. It's in my opinion the greatest game ever made. A tv series would cost more than game of thrones, if they wanna capture the action scenes.
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