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Question. I've been trying to read Eckhart Tolle since he was first on Oprah. I can't read it. It's like I'm reading another language, but I don't know that language. Anyone else have that problem?

Roger Don't try to conceptually understand what is written. Just read it without any expectation and preconceived ideas. Let your mind be absent when reading. In other words, read without reading. Some words will resonate with your being, and some won't. That's ok.
Lauren "It can only awaken those who are ready. Not everyone is ready yet..." from Page 5 of Chapter One. It sounded like an elitist gimmick to sell books at the time, but I have found this description to be true. After first buying it, I found it too heavy, abstract. I grabbed it from my shelf recently and could not put it down -- everything clicked and it all made sense. So, my advice would be to hold on to it for when you are "ready." And you *know* it when it happens.
Linda Stokes I find it easier to understand and concentrate while listening to it on audio.
Gina He does say that when you are ready, it will make more sense. Also he says the more some one is suffering, the easier an awareness comes. This happened with me - I was given the book years ago and I could not digest it. 15 years later after suffering for so long, I decided to pick it up, and now it has saved me. I'm truly grateful. Whatever you're experiencing is just fine. I also find that I need to revisit it now and then because some parts are still dense for me. Again, everything we're experiencing is ok, just letting it in is enough. :)
A.D. Crystal It does actually feel like a NEW LANGUAGE. It is funny you say it. This is, I find, the best way to describe the confusion one feels whenever one comes to a book introducing UN-MADE-BEFORE thoughts.
We are so much used to certain patterns of thinking that, being in front of new, sometimes contrary to what we have come to believe thus far, ideas is UNSETTLING. what worked in my case is that I stopped reading when I seemed to be AT LOSS FOR REFERENCE in my experiences and TALKED ABOUT THE NEW IDEAS to a friend. You know, we have been growing and developing as personalities in the presence and with the contribution of each other and I knew he was the right person to discuss with.
Another thing I did, was that I skipped the parts I had difficulty to understand and WENT ON READING AND CONTEMPLATING ON STUFF I UNDERSTOOD. I also READ BOOKS, or FOLLOWED AND WATCHED VIDEOS of people Eckhart MENTIONED.
Do Not Worry! Keep reading similar books and the haze will definitely start to clear up.
Happy reading!
Dave Pearl I am reading the Power of Now..For years ! I am at page 105..Trying to read it straight through for the 1st time..The material is dense but life altering...
Jay Yes. But don't feel bad. What he has to say is complete applesauce.
Amy Minh I felt the same way when I read the Power of Now a few years back. I wasn't ready. I didn't understand it at all and it didn't make any sense so I gave my book away. Now I am ready. I read A New Earth instead but the concepts are pretty similar. It makes so much sense. It explains why we should acquire more materialistic possession and climb the social ladder, feel jealous, envious, entitled, etc. There is this constant craving to feel fulfilled but somehow it's always out of reach. All of these are due to our ego.

Just realized your question was 4 years ago. I hope you are ready now :)
Maria Vizdoaga Did you read the Power of Now? A New Earth is a logical continuation of the Power of Now. I found it very useful to read A New Earth after the Power of Now. The ideas were repetitive but on purpose, so the reader is reminded of the same simple truth. The author speaks my language. He puts into words something that I always felt but was unable to describe it so eloquently.
Emma Yes, absolutely! But I recommend trying listening to his audio books first which are easier.
Reader007 I had a hard time reading it too. I could not tell if he was making observations or if he was telling me to "do life" the way he would recommend. He made it seem as if his way was best. I prefer to make my own decisions about what is "best"
Akemi G He makes simple truths sound more complicated than they are. I don't know why he does this, as well as other "spiritual" writers. Perhaps they need to fill up the pages -- there are readers who appreciate thicker books for the same price. Or possibly he doesn't really understand what he is trying to say.
I suggest trying his The Power Of Now -- perhaps a better read. Or a book about Ramana Maharishi.
Vickie I'd recommend trying audio. Even if the language feels foreign, his voice is quite calming, and I find that eases me into his books better.
Sandra Like, duh. There are nuggets of wisdom in this book, but he really makes you work for them and doesn't bother to define any terms along the way. Cannot imagine how he ever got it published, and the new version could have used some judicious editing. The author may be brilliant and insightful and extremely learned, but he is NOT a very good writer.
Kartik I have to read passages several times. And it's not due to the material being too dense. The fact is that he writes in run-on sentences. So his thoughts turn into soup because the ideas are all over the place: between knowledge and anecdote, often at the same time. That's why the audio is helpful, I imagine. He would be putting the pauses in the right places.
Ankit Punn I can understand what you are saying. It is no doubt a heavy read and a deep book but it would make more sense if you have already spent some time doing meditation. As most of his concepts and reasoning revolves around the same. If you have already practiced meditation, things will start to make more sense. Also, I just finished reading it once but I think I will read it again when I have acquired more knowledge and wisdom and understand what he has to say in a more profound way.
Saira Wasim Ya, same experiance with me, in 2008 I could comprehend it. I listened to Wayne Dyer lectures a lot and then again started it each and every page was an aha moment for me.
This book is my best friend now.
Rachelle First started this book a couple of years ago and put it away as too hard to grasp! Now on my second reading. I am reading it fairly quickly this time which seems to help with the heaviness! The first couple of chapters I just skimmed this time around but have found the next several chapters to be eye-opening and totally engrossing! I will read again, a third time, more slowly...:)
Anita Renaghan I have been reading this book for about a year. When I have 15 minutes free about once or twice a week, I read a couple of pages. I understand some of the concepts and find it very interesting, but I do agree that it is a heavy read.
Saima Hajijan I read the half book and found it too heavy, because he has focused on ego and all the aspects of life round it and there is not any signal point where he talk about solution to deal with ego. All he has focused on negative points of human being.
John I understand what he's saying about materialism but i don't feel an aha moment or a release into enlightenment.
Get rid of your thoughts, your ego and yiur desires.
Meh, how?
Sorry but we're programmed to want, need, desire, feel pain.
These are what drives humanity.
Nirvana is for heaven.
If we were all feeling in cloud 9 in life nobody would work or produce and the race would die out.
He has a soothing voice whilst you listen.
The rest is mumbo jumbo.
Maritza Hello ! Yes, at some point it gets very abstract and from there goes to reality and so on. I am 'reading' him in Audiobook, narrated by him, from Audible. I find it soothing, interesting, I just rewind whenever it is difficult to understand, and then I let it flow, and do not try to much to understand and it makes sense. Now, very curious, I am also reading Vita Nostra and concepts, some times, are similar, only here in fantasy. I am enjoying him so much, this is like a different mindset and he provides rationals to the world of sensations, feelings, and it seems to be all for good. I would have never bought it but being an Oprah recommendation I just trusted, and I am finding this helpful to think differently and try not to get stressed over daily troubles in a positive way. Hope this helps.
nameless soul i hate to say this but this is truth , u cannot understand echkart tolle , one hundred per cent , if u are not awaken spiritually
Tricia Charron I found "A New Earth" much more reachable than "The Power of Now." Once I read "Earth," I was able to go back to "Power" and understand and relate more to it. Hope that helps.
Monib Sabet I'm half way through the book and I really like the way he simply dissects the underlying elements of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.
I had hard time buying into the connections he was trying to make to kind of justify that all religions have referred to the fact that ego is a dysfunction, I still don't find it a very relevant warmup (even if true), but the rest is great.
It's true that unless one is ready this whole book would be either a foreign language or restating the obvious!
Douglas Listening to the audio is much easier to start and pulled me into the book. Taking a long drive with the audio helped too.
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