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I found a grammatical error in this book. I thought it was odd. did anybody else come across grammatical errors during this amazing book?

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Lillian Almost all books do, Harry Potter does as well.

Mostly it doesn't bother me, unless it's Catcher in the Rye.
SkittishElf Probably every book I've ever read has grammatical errors in it. This one most certainly had a few.
Rick Larimore Equally as curious are the grammatical errors found in these comments.
Adrienne Wagner I believe they're stylistic. Lots of run ons for pacing. Lots of colloquialisms.
Samantha yes i did notice that to. It was very odd

Nathan Feld Yes, there are multiple mistakes in this book, most of which point out a poor grasp of the English language. They are completely unavoidable mistakes, most likely meaning the book was self-published, though I cannot say for sure. If it was looked over by an editor, I do not think they did so effectively.

Yes, many books have grammatical mistakes, but this book contained grammatical errors that show ineptitude, not merely a small, looked-over mistake.
Sophie I found one grammatical error in this book, but all books at least have one. Don't judge a book on its grammatical errors or book covers, although some people do.
Debbe Almost all books will have an error, the way of the typesetter is gone and the computer is hands on without eyes sometime. Enjoy the read or become a proofreader.
Wilson Staley I believe I did as well. At first, I thought it was a stylistic thing, but when I re-read the sentence, it still didn't make sense. I suppose the editors might've simply missed it.
Eli Yes there were grammatical errors in this book but most of them are at the beginning of the book but I can't remember what they are
Zach Though there aren't that many, the grammatical errors are pretty notice able.
cat!! can someone remind me of them
Trent Coleman Actually, I found quite a few errors while teaching it to my students. The word "die" is often used instead of "the," particularly near the bottom of the first page of Chapter 6. There is also the sentence "It was his first good luck." on the same page. I'm surprised the editors missed these.
Dhyana I did come across a few grammatical mistakes, but I'd say everyone makes mistakes. So not a big problem.
Jason Yea, I found one so far and I'm on page 50.
Michaela Yes, a few actually..
Trisha Patel I found a few errors too.
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