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Michael Smith asked:

I found this series by accident and immediately fell in love. Read them through on release and wanted to again, but due to my sight starting to fail I thought I'd pick up the audiobook instead. Worst mistake I've made in a while. Pete Bradbury's wet and nasally narration doesn't do this series justice, Has anyone else listened to the series rather than reading it? If so, do you agree?

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Jenny I got this ... totally dramatised version, complete with background noises, all characters have their own voice actor, demon growls, complete musical soundtrack, metal clinking noises for the battles. Its driving me CRAZY! Movie in my head?! Yes sure but in MY head thank you very much. Not in my ears. Please tell me where to find your plain nasal narrated version because this drama-fest is sooo hard to listen too.
Stevil Graham Listen to the Graphic Audio version. Very well done.
Bill Christoforou Ah no dude, Im going through the audiobook now, he's not my favourite narrator but I don't find that he detracts from the story in any way. Try to take some emphasis off how it's been said and focus on what's been said. Helps that when I do listen I'm in the car, so my attention is somewhat split.

Correction, just realised my audiobook has a different narrator. Colin Mace. Anyway, no complaints with him.
Xpoet I enjoyed Pete Bradbury's narration.
Kristy Smith I came here to ask this very question. I'm usually quite tired by the time I get into bed to read, so I thought that the audiobook would be a good alternative. I absolutely cannot stand the narraters voice. I'm so disappointed.
Jesse Staples Graphic Audio! A movie in your mind... :)
John Cheeseman His voice didnt bother me at all, in fact I think he's a good narrator. I much prefer it to the graphical audio version which I found more "childish".
Dennis Yes, if you don't like the narration then it can ruin a great book.
I'd recommend the Graphic Audio version of Demon Cycle as the audio is superior and has effects thrown in.

Tony Colin Mace does an outstanding job with these books. I wanted to listen again from the beginning after the end of the Core and it even better second time round. I've listened to excerpts of Pete Bradbury's rendition and he makes all the characters sound too posh...I like him in other books but like you not with this one.
Andrew Coyle Listening to the GraphicAudio version now and thoroughly love it. The hillbilly accents are starting to become ok, as they grated at first. But the acting is first rate as usual. The sound effects of the demons, fighting, weather, people and sundry items are first rate. I personally find the whole thing immersive and, unlike others, think it's the better way to listen to audiobooks.
Carisa Lackey I agree! He sounds like he has a cold. I started listening to this as recommended by my son - it's difficult for me to do. I will have to read this in print because of the narrator. I just finished reading and partially listening to The Riyria Revelations and Chronicles by Michael J. Sullivan, narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds, who is a fantastic narrator. He definitely sets the standard high for me.
Jools Heal I absolutely agree!! I have been trying to listen to it but its such hard work. I got mine from Audible and have had it for a while... I couldn't remember why I never finished it but now after my second attempt I see why. I went to check the reviews and its not available for purchase anymore and there are no other copies on Audible. The narration is a terrible mess...
Nathan Ownbey If you want to do an audio version of the series then you should go with a company called Graphic Audio. (that is if you are in the U.S., I am not sure about any other nations.)
Michael Smith Sorry for the delay in my answering. I got my version from Audible(dot)co(dot)UK. I think they've changed the one they have now though it's read by Colin Mace and is a fair bit better.
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