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I've tried to read this book twice and got to page 40 and still bored out of my mind...Does it get any better and is it worth it?

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Natasha Tonge No...it really doesn't. There are 3 maybe 4 dramatic scenes over the course of the book. The first is the first 100 pages or so when the main characters are getting to know each other then there is a lot of traveling. A LOT of traveling. If you really love the main characters then it might keep you entertained to see them developing their friendship but if you're kind of eh about them anyway and reading for the plot then forget about. Try the first 100 pages or so - at least until they start traveling and if you're still bored out of your mind (like I was) then I don't recommend continuing.
Ashley I struggled with it until page 70. There is a lot to learn about the Graceling Realm but once I got to page 70 I could not put it down. It gets really good just stick with it a bit longer!
EmilyViolet ...I can't believe there are so many people saying this book gets better... if you are at all familiar with fantasy writing this book would be a huge let down. It's so ordinary. There is nothing believable about the world the tale is set in. We are given no real lore/history of the various nations. It might as well be a medieval earth with some special abilities thrown in. The various countries/realms involved are completely one-dimensional- save for a wee bit of culture given to a single place we never even visit! And the protagonist is insufferable if you think about it... if a man pulled the sort of stuff Katsa does, he would find himself in a shit-storm of haters, but since it's a female doing it; well then, she's just being strong and independent! Woo, third-wave feminism! Seriously, the double standards are unfair. I would recommend not continuing to read this... I regret that I did except for being able to make snide comments about it now...
Amani This Book gets soooo good, I enjoyed it so much!!!! The first few chapters are calm and a bit boring but when you get into the book more deeply, its gets sooooo good!!!!!!!!
Ariadne I managed to finish it (maybe to see what the hype/rave reviews were about?), but was still bored by the end.
I should have gone with my gut and just stopped when it didn't grab me. I decided a few years back to not waste time on books I can't get into within a couple chapters....life is short, and there are already waaayy too many books I want to read to bother with finishing ones that I don't like right away.
(My exception to this is old classics. I will give them more time before deciding if they are right for me, since it takes a bit longer for your brain to adjust to the older language, etc.)
This book, though, sounded great in the synopsis but was a disappointment in reality.
Beatrice This book wasn't my fave out of the series. It takes a while to get in to but once I got in to it I loved it! I think you might want to try reading fire first and then reading graceling. But I think the more you read it the more you will enjoy it if you get to page 80 and you are still not in to it then maybe stop.
D.A. Paul I agree with Amani. It does pick up, but personally I really like the slow start. I get settled into the characters and then BAM, action happens.
Raquel V I would say yes, it does. Like someone else answered before me, it starts slow and picks up. I personally really enjoyed it! But since you've read 40 pages, maybe this is just not your cup of tea... It happens!
Cate No... Graceling never gets any better. Cashore created some shallow villains with no complexity, a noble perfect prince, and of course, our strong female protagonist. Personally, I didn't like Bitterblue (book 3) any better, but book 2, Fire, was actually considerably interesting. Fire, set in a different part of the Graceling universe, allows Cashore to begin again with new characters and an almost entirely new world. Bitterblue brings the two together, but if you are having trouble with Graceling, either scrap the series, or go straight to Fire.
Lindsey Kookaby It takes a little while, but around page 70-80 you won't want to shut the book back up. This book was my favorite out of the entire series, and Katsa is my favorite character out of any book I've read. The author's writing had some changes needed for it to be perfect, but I think the idea of what was going on in the book was amazing. You may just love this book as much as I did, but its okay if you didn't.
Brookie Rae It gets a lot better and more action packed.
Abbie I like to spend a good 15 minutes just studying the maps for books of this genre. After that, everything is a little bit easier to understand
Welwyn Wilton Katz I've always believed that there are three creators of any book: the writer(s), the characters and the readers. As readers, we bring all of ourselves with us, and when we read the book we find analogs for ourselves as well as our likes and dislikes in the story. This makes a book different for each reader. I liked this book very much which means to me that there is something in me that "fits" with the story, or perhaps I wouldn't like it. We're all different, right? As I get older I do have less patience for slow or weak beginnings, and if I don't like the STORY (as opposed to the plot) by the fourth chapter, I try to follow a policy of not finishing the book. There are so many books I want to read, why read just because I have a book? Four chapters is about 8 times as much as a typical publisher would give that story. But if you like it, you have a right to read the whole thing. I did, with this book.
Maaheen Shaikh no. i love fantasy-young adult books, but..no no no nooooooooo this book was too disappointing
Beth It is quite a boring start I'll admit that. But once you get to the actual story and start getting attached to the characters it's a very wonderful book. While there is a lot of traveling it's not painfully boring.
Hiya Graceling is such an amazing book! The language and overall structure of this book is really fantastic. The beginning is "just" an introduction though, but once you meet a certain character (personally), the book just takes off. Mysteries take over a long with survival strategies, drama and so much more. The trilogy really unfolds into something great as the series move forward, mixing in everything into one huge story and I absolutely loved it!
Eve This book is one of the best I've read all year. Definitely worth a second shot, it took awhile for me to get into it myself.
Faraworld I don't know about you, but I liked this book so much. I think what helped was that I read it along with audible, Thanks to kindle unlimited they offered both the kindle version and the audio for free.
and the audio was so good that made it feel like a movie to me.
Then it ended and I wanted to get the second book but it was very expensive so I said maybe one day it will be on kindle unlimited.
So, no I didn't find the novel boring at all. but you can't force yourself sometimes, if you feel it's boring, then it's not for you.
anu YESS! I've reread this so many time! It is one of my all time favorite books! Stick with it!
Joyce Graceling is one of my top ten favorite books. Try again! You gotta push through! :D It was never boring to me, but everyone has different tastes. :)
Toni I actually read got into it after the first 30 pages or so. I'm not quite done with it but I'm looking forward to reading Bitterblue next- It's one of those books (for me anyway) that you have to stick with and then it's worth it.
Matt Howard I'm glad I read these posts, b/c I'm on Chapter 3 and was ready to deep six this one!
Kirena It is boring at parts, but the writing style is amazing and you sort of need to read this if you want to know about anything that's happening in Bitterblue. Overall it's worth it.
Kimberly Tillery Omg it gets so much better. I thought the same thing at first but I had this need to finish whatever I start or it'll bug me and I'm so glad I did. it took me a good while to get into it but it definitely is worth picking back up and finishing it.
Kez I found it a little rough to get into and got kinda confused with the different kings and lands, but it does get better. Working through the first couple of chapters is well worth it as the world that unravels is spectacular and exciting and so easy to lose yourself in!
Lois M I had no problem with reading this book. To me, its quite interesting, but it varies from person to person. The scenes don't have much action, so it seems you wouldn't like it. Your choice!
Sapphire I read all these comments, but I decided to try Graceling out. I agree with Natasha. The first 100 pages were quite good, but when it got to the travelling it started to get a bit more boring. I mean, I’ve even read books similar to this, but it kept me interested as the story progressed. Those authors added more detail, but when this book progressed to the travelling, I felt as though Kristen Cashore was not putting enough detail in it.
Nuhaa Izza It is a really good book but It could have been with a longer problem and eviler villains.
Danielle Yes, I'm reading it now and feel exactly the same way.
Vulpine Actually, I thought it was pretty good for the first half, but then it did a face-plant as soon as they leave civilization, and never recovered.
Sam If anything I think the first part of the book "lady killer" was the best part. in the middle it slowed right down and became romantic. ( don't mind small amounts of romance. Not a big fan) the book didn't really capture me again until the last 50 or so pages. Not a huge fan. Really enjoying the start of fire though.
Conner Do not give up on this book! It is one of the best I've ever read. The first 100 or so pages are slow but it gets soooo much better!
Steven Lafferty it does get really good.
Anne Marie It depends what you're looking for. It stays a bit slow, but the characterization becomes a bit less shallow until the characters are finally interesting by the end. And at about the halfway point the exploration of the graces starts to become interesting and that's where I started to really enjoy it instead of struggle with it. It might also help you to know that the author does eventually introduce an antagonist who challenges Katsa's grace. You probably won't enjoy it unless you enjoy delving into how magic works (as in, what exactly can and can't be done by a specific individual) and what's going on with a character emotionally. In terms of action based plot, the story is never fast paced for long. I feel like this is definitely one YA novel that's better for teenagers than adults... some manage to feel like they were written for adults TOO and just happen to have teenage protagonists... not so much this one.
Bookwarm yes i felt the same but it was worth finishing i promise i loved it
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