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I read all 4 books, and I am still confused on why Javier changed after they found out that the pregnancy was false. I wish there was at least a chapter from his point of view after Ellie left. I feel that Karina made Javier too emotional and romantic for what she had in mind for him for this trilogy. Does anyone else feel the same way?

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Annabelle It's hard to understand Javier's behavior. The first part of Dirty Angels reflects Javier's true feelings for Ellie. He is very vulnerable in On Every Street.Javier always felt that Ellie was too good for him, and he was afraid to lose her. The pregnancy gave him hope that they might have a future, and when it turned out false, he felt that they were not meant to be and that broke him. In a way he gave up on them when he threw the angel away. That fueled his other decisions as well. They were living in a bubble and he wanted it to be a true relationship. He wanted Ellie to accept him, to believe in him, to be proud of him. Deep down he knew that their relationship was going nowhere. Ellie couldn't accept the real Javier, and he couldn't change his life; he didn't want to. To be honest I read the trilogy because of Javier. He was such a strong and complex character, and I wanted to understand what was driving him. I was very disappointed in Dirty Angels; very few authors are able to maintain their characters' image throughout the entire trilogy. I feel that that Dirty Angels was written in a hurry; no real plot, lack of profoundness, shallow characters and Karina totally killed Javier we knew.
readerofbooks I thought Javier was pure perfection until he cheated on Ellie. I hate that the author made him do that to her, and then when Ellie confronted Javier later, about it and he admitted that she broke him when she left, he still couldn't understand how it would hurt her that he cheated on her.
Karen111 Only seeing this now!
I LOVED Javier in On Every Street (I'm weird like that!), but the author totally softened him for the other books, in a comic relief kind of way! I was so disappointed, as this was completely at odds with the absolute monster he was in OES.
I've since read the first book in the new spin-off series called Dirty Angels. Some of it is in Javier's POV, and he's a total softy, which didn't work for me at all.
Regarding the pregnancy; because he's a psycho, and probably didn't have the emotional maturity to deal with it, he did what some men do - he withdrew.
This is just my take on things Ana! Feel free to check out my reviews for the Artists Trilogy and Dirty Angels, and you'll see how I feel about Javier's role in them, as things play out.
Hope this answers some of your questions! :)
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