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what is the age level for this book?

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Drew Probably like 10-15 age range. However, I believe books have no "age" requirement, just a "want" requirement. I hope you enjoy the book!
Ursina I'm currently reading it for about the fifth time for my graduation exam in german. I'm now 18. At every age, when I read the book, I found other details that I would not have recognized in younger ages.
Lianne I was nine when I read for the first time and I loved it. Now I'm 18 years old and read it again and I still love it!
Laura Kohli well, to be honest, i'm 9, and i loved it.
Jon Snow I think around 10+. The book has a slow start, so although a lot of people at a younger age could understand it, they may have trouble sitting through the whole thing.
Rachel Im not sure really what age to start, it depends on your own personal reading level and how mature you are, but im 32 and love this series.
Elijah Probably 13-15, at the very least. The book is a pretty advanced book, almost longer than a Harry Potter book, but with smaller letters. Anyone who is bored with normal teen books and are up to a challenge should read this. The book provides a ton of description, particularly since its about a book within a book.
Genesis Aynaki I've been reading this book to my younger sisters, and they are nine and eight. They understand what's happening, so I would say it is for seven and up.
Rachelle Curvers I can't really say there's a specific age for this book. I used to read it in my teenage years, together with the other 2 books of this trilogy. Now i'm 26 years old and took the book from the shelf, to read it again.
Gabby I read the full series when I was 9 and I had no problems. It did challenge my reading skills because it was much longer than any other books I had read at that point, but it make me a faster reader, a stronger reader, and gave me more reading stamina. Some people are mentioning the gore aspect, but I don't think it was so bad because my Dad used to read Grimm's fairy tales to me before bed. Finally, I think 9 year old's can handle reading the "dam" word.

If your child has trauma though the book might be a triggering due to the gore, the cursing, a character is mute and unable to call for help, and the Dad and daughter do get separated a few times.
Jason And Joe PROBALY AGE 10-11
Lucinda Jane I would say about 10+. A younger child with advanced reading skills could certainly follow the story, but it's a bit dark for anyone younger than 10 or 11. I read it in third grade and found it really scary, and in retrospect I was probably a little young for it. I enjoyed it much more when I re-read it in sixth grade.
Zoe.M I think probs 11+. As Long as you are a confident reader, it'll be fine
Reading-Girl2 I think it would be not for an age but for the type of books you like and can read without getting bored, so a mix of Harry Potter and Anne of green gables maybe
Erin This series is still my favorite and I'm 21 :)
Lily Alexander I remember reading it when I was in around 2nd grade. It was pretty violent for me at that time, so I would say 10+.
Alena I've read this book when I was 12 but I really felt in love with it just now (I am 18)
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