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Syed Nawaz asked:

I haven't read Tolkiens works, but I really want to. My concern is that currently, the LOTR movies are currently my favourite movies of all time (this is coming from someone who doesn't usually have favourites). Will reading the books ruin my love for the movies? I know this will depend on me, but I wanted to see the general opinion.

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Srikumar Krishna Iyer Please don't think twice but rather go ahead and read the book.
I assure you that you will be transformed to a new level of understanding, which is more clear and very interesting.
You will start to enjoy the scenes from the movie which you would have ignored before.
You will be amazed that you will even remember the names of places & characters better.
Some characters have multiple names (e.g: Legolas, Gandalf, Strider - all these have so many names), You will recognize these names when it is used in the movie, which may not be understood by the audience who have not read the book.

I highly recommend you to read the book & get transported to the world of middle earth...........& get lost.......
Rob I am a real Tolkien nut and thought that the second Hobbit film was a total abomination, but even I thought that the The Lord of the Rings films were great. I thought that they really stuck to the spirit of the book and, as close as was realistically possible, they stuck to the plot too. I don't think that you need to worry.
Sarah Ozcandarli I don't think reading the books will change your feelings for the movies. You might even have increased respect for the magnificent creation on film of the ents, elves, orcs and other strange things. There is much in the books that didn't make it to the screen, so you'll be learning new things about Middle Earth and if you are like me your appetite for this information will just increase the more you learn. I say go for it!
The Usual It pains me to say this, but whilst reading the books won't spoil the films, watching the films first may have ruined the books for you. The Lord of the Rings suffers from Very Big Book syndrome, which is to say that there's a lot in there (including a huge and somewhat pointless meander in The Fellowship of the Ring) that doesn't really advance the plot. Go ahead and read it, by all means, just don't be surprised if you find it rather slow.
David Hollywood The films were fantastic adaptations, but the books are significantly better again! Don't hesitate in reading them, you are in for an enormous treat.
Mariah Kelly Syed,

You will absolutely love reading the story if you are a fan of the movies. Simply put - there are jewels within!

Mr. Jackson did a fantastic job with The Lord of the Rings book-to-movie; you will soon see why so many wonderful parts of the story had to be cut out. After reading and getting to know the author a bit, you'll see where Mr. Jackson paid tribute throughout.

For myself, it was a wink from Jackson to say "I know...I couldn't fit it in the budget/time constraints - but I know...I know") I realize there is a bit of...upset...but please;

Above all things, read the story. There is so much more adventure, philosophy, and courage within - let your eyes be your feet and allow yourself to be carried away!

From a loving fan of Tolkien; a man who shared his wisdom - thoughtfully.
Bajibabu Bollepalli I am also on the same boat as you, but I started reading the books. I finished two books. That is true, there are some things which are not covered in movies, but I am sure it won't ruin your love for the movies. After started the books, I watched LOTR movies again to see what details are missed from books. Actually, movies helped me a lot to imagine the characters and sceneries in the book.
Liz As far as I know, the movies are very close to the books, so the books will probably give you the same story, just with more detail. Though, Aragorn's character is a bit different (he's not shy about being king in the books), and the women barely appear at all.
David Price The films follow the book quite closely and in general are true to Tolkien's text. Just 2 comments:
1 The films leave out a couple of sections from the book completely - well the book is just a little longer then the average novel so something had to give...
2 The films make more of the female roles then the book.

Its the best book I've ever read, I'll probably read it again at some point, is that a recommendation...
Frank Booth I originally read LOTR 20 or 30 years ago as a boy, and have read it several other times since. I was apprehensive about the films coming out because I just knew no one could do the book justice and I didn't want my favorite childhood (and adulthood, for that matter) story "ruined". (......probably why no one tried to make a movie of the book for decades......a daunting task for certain). I think Peter Jackson did a tremendous job with the movies. But, even if you watch the extended versions of the movies, not everything from the book is covered. I think that reading the book will only add to your appreciation of the story. If you found yourself wanting more after watching the movies, then the book will certainly give it to you.
Judy I love them both. The books are my "comfort reading"; I have them by my bedside in paperback, on my Nook so it's always with me, and in a hardcover illustrated edition on my shelf. I basically start over once I've read through, sometimes waiting a few months in between. I have the movies in theater edition and director's cut. Yes, the stories differ sometimes in important ways, but both are worth your time.
Luis The Hobbit is a fairytale. The LOTR is just awesome; in fact, it can't be better (far better than the movies). More than that: speaking of books, GOAT for me. And The Silmarillion is an encyclopedia.

Do yourself a favor: read everything "Tolkien-related". You'll not regret.
Lucinda Probably it won't help but I consider LOTR some of the worst movie adaptations ever. I fell asleep in front of the 1st one, didn't bother to see number 2 and watched 3 by bits. So utterly boring, bad direction (have never seen Cate Blanchett doiing so bad, and trust me I love her) and terrible acting. Everything seemed fake, ridiculous and non believable to me.
So tbh am a bit fed up when ppl have discovered Tolkien through a media that does such poor justice on such a rich literary universe. You want images? Get the books edition with Tolkien's fabulous watercolours. And no, reading Tolkien won't affect your perceptions of the movie. I hope they will just make you forget them a little.
Ben Guy-williams I think it's a very sad story. A little bit like watching the Italian Job movie having not watched the older 60's version...
The original is far superior. Whilst you've received some 'damage' from having the movie imprint you, I'm not sure that's a reason to think it spoils the book too much.

One main difference I recognise is that the book takes weeks to read - and is an arduous journey whereas the movie can't take more than a few hours...
Peekablue I had not yet read the books when the movie The Fellowship of the Ring was released in theaters. I saw the film first and then decided to read the books, which I finished before seeing the next two films. I loved the books and I love the movies. I think, as far as book to film adaptations go, Peter Jackson did a great job. I reread the books every year and watch the movies several times per year. Both are my favorites.
Moises Cuervo Not at all, the books just enrichment the way as you see the LOTR universe.
Oftentimes Read Please, forget the Peter Jackson movies - only Ralph Bakshi's film version was any good, and that ends abruptly (but it's a beautiful film and well worth having).

The book, the book, to Mordor we will take you

Liz There are a whole lot of cool scenes in the books that just flat couldn't be translated into movie format, but which makes for cool movies in your own head!
So read them and enjoy. I love the movies too, but I re-read the books every year, somewhere around the Birthday, and have done so since high school when I first was introduced to them.
Michael Chapman Reading the book will definitely not ruin the films for you - but watching the films first will possibly have dented your enjoyment of the book. This is a shame since the 'true' story is what's in the book - the films are an interpretation of it for the big screen.

Since you asked the question 2 years ago, hopefully you've read the book by now (or maybe 5 times...) :-)
LAURA K. DEFINITELY GO AHEAD! The movies followed the books almost to the letter.
Peregrine Widmoyer No, it won't. The producers did a fantastic job of adapting the movies, and they are few large differences
Mary I agree with the Tolkien fans below. Jackson made great movies, but they are his interpretation of an even greater work - the story Tolkien wrote. Please go ahead and read the books! If you love the movies, you will find even more to love in the books (to give one example, the full story of Sam. To give another, the full story of Faramir and Eowyn.)
Ash boring books. even more boring that the boring films. but with no crap actors naturally
Jordan Farnsworth No!!! I, like you, LOVE the LOTR movies and watched them before reading the books. The movie actually helped me understand the book better. Tolkien can be a bit difficult to understand, and the movies help clarify. You will love the books. They have everything that the movie has, and more. Have fun! :)
Scarlett The LOTR series are the best! I have not yet finished reading them, but they are the best! Definitely give it a go.
Elizabeth The Lord of The Rings is my favorite book of all times. When I first hear that the films were being made I was very skeptical until I read an article about Peter Jackson and his love of the books. He did a great job with the books but read the trilogy there is so much more to fall in love with.
Túrin Turambar This is an interesting question for me, because I come from the opposite position.

Tolkien's books are my favorite, to the point that I never watched the movies for the same reason. It wasn't easy, because when the movies came out I was only 11 years old, but I didn't want to spoil that imaginary world I could see so vividly in my mind.

Then last summer, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary, I saw the three movies in the theater. I must say that I am happy I got the chance to enjoy these movies, as they are remarkable in many aspects. The soundtrack in particular is a beautiful experience.

However I realize I will never be able to go back and un-watch them. Ultimately I do not know what I'd suggest you to do.
Phil Gilbert The book is FAR superior to any of the films, although it's worth mentioning that many of the 'locations' (excepting Hobbiton) do good job of portraying the scenery depicted by Tolkien. As for the film 'The Hobbit', the less said about it the better.
p.s. re-reading LOTR for possibly 20th time, first read in my later teens, and captivated from the first chapter.
J.D. Jewett I was introduced through the movies as well, but I encourage you to read the books. Though I prefer them, they have not taken away from my liking of the films.
IULIA.Stefanie Honestlly, i don`t kno.
I personally loved the movies and than read the books andd hated them ( thow that might have been becose I had a claer image of what LOTR had to be and the books were far from that).
*sorry for any spelling mistakes , English is not my native language*
Star Trek Novels and Comics I am on page 300. I have watched the films many many times. Can't wait to stream it on 4K as I don't have a disc player...

Anyhow. The novels are poetry. The start is a bit slow on Dialouge and very exposition heavy. But the action does pick up.

Its a completely different story than the movies , which I started with, rather, the movie takes the story beats and reframes them into a motion picture.

its Coke and Pepsi, but they both taste so good!

Although it does take me a bit and I use the Ring Wikipedias to explore ideas, concepts, and personages that were not explored in the films.

I had to look up Tom Bombadil, and many other things along the way. So I find the experience to be a good one.

Bertrand Bellaforte If anything reading the books made the movies more enjoyable for me.
Raymond Caliendo I have not read LOTR either, but intend to shortly. Personally, it's almost always been the other way around for me where the movies almost never lived up to the books. The books almost always provide new levels of depth and insight not possible in a mere few hours of film time. The most notable exception for me was Jaws; that was one instance where I thought a simply good book was surpassed by an amazing movie. For some, Gone with the Wind or the Godfather might also be exceptions.
Tim Powell I was somewhat the same way. Then I read the books. Jackson did a good job staying true to the story, while keeping the lengths to under 2 hours for the most part. My disappointments in the films after reading were minimal, and I still enjoy them. So no worries! Read away!
Rosezarro Reid Don't even think twice about reading the books. I can safely say that the Books in no way will change your perception of the movies. In fact, reading the books will make you appreciate the movies even more.
Austin Werdeman I have read the hobbit and I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.

P.S, don't let your siblings touch it or you'll pay the price.
Jeffrey Gao Think of the book as fan service!
Andreea Please explain who can books ruin the films or the other way around?
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